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Xlink Kai or Xbox Connect

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I dont care which one is better, I just want to know How to use either of them, Im gettin realy mad because, everytime I try to get my xbox found by my computer, it never finds it. I have no clue what im doing wrong, can someone please help me!
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Are you using a straight or a crossover cable from your xbox to your Computer/router/hub/or whatever your connecting it to?

Another thing, is it saying it isn't finding it or is the bar going to 100% then stopping?

This is reguarding XBC, I don't use the Xlink Kai.
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God i still couldnt get my xbox detected, I dont know why its not working, im not sure what type of cable im using but i know i can FTP so i think its crossover cable
I wish i could freakin pay someone to do this
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Dude Get a Switch or a hub,2 ethernet cables {onefrom comp to hub/switch and one 2 xbox.I did this and im working fine with flash fxp,xbconnect and xlink kai.P.S.This will cost around 50$
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All you need is a xover cable..that is as long as your modem isn't taking the only ethernet port on your pc. If you are using a router then things could get complicated. Ethernet switch generic cheap $ 10-15.. cat5 cables $5 each. Get the ftp running then everything should fall into place.
alright thanx ill try that
wait, i am using a router, how can it get confusing
I load up Halo 2 and go into the Create Game menu (Don't actually create a game) You leave it there and run the find xbox, It works for me and they even say to do that at

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ok i got my kai working now from my xbox, i have a modded one so what i did was run xlink kai on the comp and then on the xbox it said connect to kai and i clicked on it and it connected, now the problem is that everytime i sighn on to kai on my xbox it exits the one on the comp so i cant choose what game i want to play.and every time i just put in the game and go to system link, my console is never detected.And on my xbox,after i connect to kai, i can go to my games saved on the HD and i push start on the halo 2 game and it says "Link Arena" i click on it and it brings me to a creen thats says Users and then below it it says Arena, i can push either R or L trigger and it will bring me to a new screen that says "Contacts" and then "Arena" under it, then to the right it says Users and it has names below it like armadiya for example, and every time i click on their name it just adds them to my contact. i click R trigger again and it brings me to a new screen that says Contacts then below it says Users, then below that it says Arena and has a list of arenas starting with xbox,clans,gamecube,playstation 2,special interest,,PSP,Xbox 360,and then Quarantine. i click on xbox but then it just says Assigned Halo 2 to Arena/XBox,thats all it does,it doesnt like connect me to it or it doesnt let me pick a game in the xbox arena,then i click R trigger again and it brings me back to the first screen i saw. if someone coiuld help it would be great,i am very confused
sorry to double post,but i figured out how to choose what catagory you want. now i have a differnt problem. this is waha i do,i go to arena,i choose xbox,then i choose first person shooter,but thers no halo 2 so i scroll down but then all of the sudden my screen goes blank. so i go back because thers no halo 2 so i try halo.i do everything the same but this time i found halo 2 before it goes blank.then it gives me a list of servers.the only one with peole in it is the catagory "Other Mods" so i pick that one,then it gives me a list of people, i click one of the names named Schmeezer17. then it says "Created by Schmeezer17. Please be aware that in this arena Schmeezer17 automatically" and then it stops. then im just at his blank screen.i can see them talking though because their typing is coming up on my screen. then if a click A to try to join or something it freezes. i have no clue what im doin so help me please
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poonan are u using xboxmedia center to run xlink kai,have u ever used kai just onthe comp,not the kai version on xbox,i also had a problem with the kai on the xboxmediacenter,but i just hit start kai , turn on xboxmediacenter,then x link kai , sign in choose game and hit play now.sometimes it wont show on ur halo 2 game system link screen.Usallly it will though.But to get a different server game thing u have to reset to urxbox xlinkkai and choose game and reload halo 2[or 1]. If u are hosting a game through xlinkkai through ur xbox then hit host[i think,ive never done it]it should show on every1elses xbox if they are trying to join.

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antomic , if ur talking to me that wasnt the questions i asked.
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