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Nedd Help..cant find F drive on my xbox through ftp

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ive been following ur steps until the f drive part..i oonly have 5 FILES..the c..e...x..y..and f or d on the right side of the flash fxp..i connected to my xbox but no f drive..i looked at my file manager and saw 0.00 mb in my f show up on my xbox but not on the pc..nedd HELP!!!!!

Modded Ipod 5g 30 GB (Wii Theme)
Modded XboX Xenium Gold 120 GB HD EvoX (Blew Up) :(
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go to system management, get into the Xbox settings
see if the settings are set to show drive F:
it will either be a yes or no option, or a check box i forget which.
And are you sure you have a F: partition set up?
Sometimes people have F: and some other systems are E:
it all depends on how you modded the system.

on my xbox it has drive f but when i go to flash fxp and connect to my xbox i only see 5 folders (c,e,x,y,z).no f drive
i need an explanation

Modded Ipod 5g 30 GB (Wii Theme)
Modded XboX Xenium Gold 120 GB HD EvoX (Blew Up) :(
what if i dont have a f deive partition set there any way i can backup my movies and games to my xbox hard drive

Modded Ipod 5g 30 GB (Wii Theme)
Modded XboX Xenium Gold 120 GB HD EvoX (Blew Up) :(
Are you using the stock Xbox hard drive?
If so you will have very little space to store music, let alone games and movies.
It is only 8GB and most movie files are almost 1GB in size even when they are DivX. Games range from 1GB on up.
if you plan on storing media, and have a chip modded system. The best option is to upgrade the HDD to something 160GB or above.
Softmodded Xbox's you can do this too much it is a much more complicated process.
Did you check the settings i asked about?
If it says it should show F: then FlashFXP should show it too.
I know mine shows but it was also set up as the F: partition being my second one to store all my games, movies and music when i used an auto installer to set it all up after replacing the HDD with a 250GB one.

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