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'1 Click DVD Copy Pro' vs 'Clone DVD2'

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Anyone here familiar with both '1 Click DVD Copy Pro' and 'Clone DVD2'?

I'm currently a contented user of the basic '1 Click DVD Copy' and 'AnyDVD'.

But I'm considering an upgrade of '1 Click'. For maximum ease of use combined with control of what (extras, etc.) gets copied, should I choose '1 Click DVD Copy Pro' or 'Clone DVD2'? I'm impressed by the claim of the latter: 'Our unique Filmstrip assistant will guide you step-by-step through all settings - easy for beginners'!

Someone gave me Nero 6.x but it just didn't seem to give me sufficient control plus a final disc that would run on stand-alone DVD-players.

Thanks - Ken41
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no contest,clonedvd is the one to use with anydvd.
very easy to use and is updated much more then 1CLICK DVD COPY - PRO
and clonedvd is much price...
been using clonedvd and anydvd from the first day..

had i click,got rid of it..

read this
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@ireland. i see you are a fan of clonedvd2, what do you think of its quality output compare to programs like Recode2 and shrink. i'm speaking about quality output only.

Nero Recode2 or Shrink using deep analysis and AEC/ fabdecrypter or anydvd running in the background/ IMGBurn to burn/main movie only mode= perfect.
pazzini Suspended account
Out of the transcoders Nero Recode 2 will give you the best picture quality when using advanced analysis with high quality mode and with the AEC setting set to max smooth.

DVDShrink comes second

1click pro comes third

Clonedvd2 comes fourth

DVD2one comes fith

1click pro's picture is much better than clonedvd2

have a look here

and go to post 9
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wow i always thought DVD Shrink sucked in pic quality, well? che sera sera
pazzini Suspended account
If you want the ultimate picture quality and not worried how long it takes I suggest using DVD-Rebuilder pro with Procoder 2 / CCE or HC18.

@pazzini. agree on recode2, it produces the best quality picture of all the transcoders.
in order of best quality, i would:
4-1clickdvd, regular or pro.

yes, you are wright, rebuilder with a encoder produces the best quality, i have used it a few times, it just takes an unacceptable amount of time with my system. HC is free and one of the best.

p:s: since intervideo won't fix its many, many bugs, it can't be counted which is too bad, for it would beat them all in picture qaulity.
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Nero Recode2 or Shrink using deep analysis and AEC/ fabdecrypter or anydvd running in the background/ IMGBurn to burn/main movie only mode= perfect.
@Rob 1026. Shrink is very, very close to recode2 in picture quality. shrink is still, and with a little help(anydvd/fabdecrypter/vobblanker)will continue to be a great transcoder.
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Nero Recode2 or Shrink using deep analysis and AEC/ fabdecrypter or anydvd running in the background/ IMGBurn to burn/main movie only mode= perfect.
i use my back ups on a 40 inch tv..i tried all the program above..
only reason i said clonedvd its easy to use.and the q not bad..
i am not the only one that did the test..

the program that has better q is (stand back for the fireworks)
dvdxcopy platinum-rf 40415.and the rips are very fast..
rf means ripper free..must be used with anydvd..
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ya but do those programs have menu preserving? thats why i dont ever use shrink i have Nero recode and dont like it either i just simply use any with clone but i have a 52 inch flat widescreen sony television and AnyDVD and clonedvd2 put out a great picture
@ireland n all, I am trying the DVDFabPlatinum(GoldMode) trial and am surprise quality is really good yet not many recommend it when a newbie ask suggestions.... But I don't have a big screen test. Was 1Click similar in picture quality to DVDFab? Btw, why did you throw out 1 Click? I am between buying 1Click n DVDFab but my 1st trial with DVDFab, it left out 1 chapter of the movie. So far, it's been finw. Ive two days left.
@Ken41, I believe 1Click has better picture quality than Clone. Just my opinion after comparing.....

Thanks cynn, and others. Yes, I take the point about picture quality. But I already have the excellent '1 Click DVD Copy' as my basic tool. My question was largely to do with ease of use when I want to use a different program ('1 Click DVD Copy Pro', 'CloneDVD2', whatever) when the matter of selecting just specific tracks for copying arises (e.g., from a disc containing multiple episodes of a TV series, or with several 'extras' only some of which I require).

- Ken41
@Ken41, why don't you try the trial of Pro? I believe it was easier than Fab or Clone. Then again, just my opinion...
@Ireland,hope to see your opinion between 1Click and DVD fab Gold mode. Thks

i have the DVDFab Gold upgrade to DVDFab Platinum..i have not the time to test it they say i am beta tested out..

download page,

Free stuff: DVDFab Decrypter, Free DVD
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Thanks for all your responses, guys. Don't know whether trialing will work for me as a while ago I already tried the various products re a specific problem (rather than general comparison of the products). As I say, I take the point about picture quality. But my main concern is with ease of use when selecting specific tracks, extras, etc., for copying. Sounds to be like 'CloneDVD2' wins on that ease-of-use issue.

gogochar Suspended due non-functional email address
I think DVD Shrink wins the case every time! That's just my opinion though, won't find everyone agreeing with me...

luther13 Suspended due non-functional email address
i am fairly new to this fun game . so what i need is some inside info for speed and quality , i know im asking alot , but , i know the answer is outthere . i have dvdshrink vso DivX to dvd converter . they work great but time consuming , also use alcohol120% very fast
My gosh, gogochar, DVDShrink looks to be exactly what I'm looking for - and it's FREE!

Thanks muchly - Ken41
I've been using 1 click w/dvd 43 or any dvd for about 6 mos. now w/o any problems. Now all a sudden , the dvd wont burn.It rips fine but then it burns just enough to ruin the dvd(about 15 or so now).man im gonna rip my freakin hair out."error: unable to seek requested position."I thought maybe other programs were conflicting with it but i deleted all others.also un-installed 1-click and any dvd.............same thing. I'm about to go back to decrypter and shrink, but they take twice as long to get the same result. I'm really starting to get bummed.what did i contract, anyone else having this problem or one like it.
i'd appreciate any insight
luther13 and narcismo - guys, how come you're on THIS thread instead of starting new threads of your own?! You'll probably attract more attention to your questions by doing things that way, and shan't cloud the issues of this current thread!

Just my response, fwiw!

- Ken41
Further to my enthusiastic response to gogochar's recommendation of the free program 'DVD Shrink', my only qualification so far is this: if you compile from a movie disc with extras several items, and jettison the rest, apparently you have to settle for a final disc without a menu. In turn, this means that you just start playing the disc until you arrive at, say, item 4, the one you wanted this time.

Crude, what?

Or am I overlooking something?

Do '1 Click DVD Copy Pro' and/or 'Clone DVD2' do things better re menus/visible indexing of the final disc's content?

Thanks - Ken41
i can't comment on clone but 1-click allows you to keep the menu w/ "main movie only" if you choose.
Thanks guys, for all your input. Somebody has shown me how, using 'DVD Shrink, you can reduce unwanted items from a disc to just a title for each, 'Video deleted'. At the same time, you can keep the original disc's menu. In playing back the final disc in a stand-alone DVD-player, you use the remote to go straight to the menu.

But I'm still considering buying 'Clone DVD2'. It does a very neat job.

- Ken41
DamonDash Suspended account
CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD trust me i have burn over 6000 or 7000 dvds.I see all these tread where people having problem with this program or that program i just look and laugh because the money you put in CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD is by far the best investment i made the last two years.Plus they alway give upgrades they never sleep at the wheel.

Thanks again guys for all of your input.

Following the suggestion of gogochar, I have for the time being elected to use the FREE 'DVD Shrink' for when I want to backup particular items from a disc, other than the main movie. Don't forget that I already have the basic '1 Click DVD Copy' and 'AnyDVD'.

I have customised myself a still, a .png file in place of Shrink's own default still, to use when replacing unwanted tracks from a disc. It points the user to use the DVD Menu button on his/her remote. (The default still, rather unhelpfully, simply reads, 'The video has been removed'.) I created the text in Word, copied it to Paint, saved it as a .png (Popular Network Graphics) image, did some final polishing in IrfanView (made the text white-on-black), and saved it to the folder where Shrink already had the default .png still stored.

(Note. I indented and centered the text of the still. Otherwise, I found, when my DVD-player adapts to a widescreen/letterbox format movie, the text of the still bleeds off the edges of the image.)

- Ken41
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