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Insert subtitle using realplayer?

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I am so glad to have this forum!=)
I have just dL realplayer ver. 10 in order to play rmbv. file.
But, how do i go on into inserting subtitles using realplayer? This is the first time i am using real player. And, i am at the wits end..
I have tried using vlc player, which cant play the rmbv file at all.

Thanks for the advices!
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For real player, I think you would need to use scripting to add the subs. Otherwise mplayer or Media Player Classic can playback rmvb files with srt or whatever subs. Don't uninstall realplayer just yet though, as MPC needs its codecs.

Thanks for relpying.=)
Okie, I dont uninstall the real player first. Accidentally, i installed the DivX too. hmm..autodetection during installing of real player. I am surprised that my window media player in the end is able to play the video.And the image is fantastic.But, sorry does any of us know how to insert subtitle into wmp too? is it the same step as real player which i need to install the Media Player Classic which is able to support wmp too?

If WMP works, then I guess you have Gabest's real media splitter installed. For subs in WMP, you need a renderer such as directvobsub (VSFilter) installed.

I did install VobSub as stated from other posts link.And from the links pasted in other posts.When played the video,it did not activite the VobSub. Puzzling..
oh, my wmp was not that updated. It was installed in my comp. when i bought it. So, i am clueless..

Thanks alot for your relpy. =)
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