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How Do I USe Explorer 360?

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I recentlty messed up my xbox by placing the evox dash under skins. I read on how to hook ur xbox to comp.I says i need to pull out the ide cable at the load of the big green x.What big green x ? The One at te startup when theres no xbox logo or when there is xbox logo can someone help a noob at this?Oh yeah the reason im doin this is i cant play games or use my dash.
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Using Xplorer 360 is simple. You simply hook your hard drive up to your computer using IDE cables. Open Xplorer 360 and backup the image. Then you can easily open up your Xbox's hard drive to view it's content!
scamino1 Suspended due non-functional email address
what image? besides i need to unlock hd before i use e360 dont i?
Here is an easy way to unlock your Xbox HHD, if you can play music from you Xbox HHD just play a song from your Xbox HHD and then pause it, there your Xbox HHD is unlock, then unplug your Xbox HHD and plug it to your computer cd/dvd IDE cable then start up your Xplorer 360.
Oh well my instructions were for Xbox 360 hard drive. What do you need to hook your original Xbox hard drive to your computer for?
scamino1 Suspended due non-functional email address
i put the evox dash under skins folder by accident and i cant play music or games or get to my dashboard hlp4me.So i need to plugin my harddrive into my computer to unlock it and use explorer 360 to scan files amd put my evox in the correct directory.
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