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Burn divx to cd

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Hi guys.

I'm kind of new to these things so I was hoping for some help.
I have a couple of downloads in AVI format and I want to burn them to a cd so I can watch them on my DVDplayer that supports DivX, I'm normally use Nero to burn things.
I googled for hours to find out HOWTO but it seems like noone or very few burn DivX to cd without converting.
Could you guys please help?
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Exactly what you need to do. Just use Nero and burn a Data CD. Your player will read it.
People which convert AVI -> DVD (or VCD, or SVCD) has DVD players which don't support DivX (or hasn't even DVD burners, if (s)he makes (S)VCD movies).
Wow. Idid it and it works, cool can't get easier.
Thanx a lot.
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For the record, I just right clicked the file I want to burn and sent it to D: (DVD burner). It worked fine.
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