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Tutorial: How To Burn XBox360 Games

Recommended: How to burn Xbox 360 games (.DVD/.ISO) with ImgBurn (free software).

Please bump and/or sticky this post as it will cut down on alot of duplicate posts. Please reply with any changes or additional info you have.

With the release of the latest xtreme firmwares for the XBox360 it is now possible to download and play full games on all versions of XBox360. You should only download and burn backups of games you already own. I'm not taking any blame if you get arrested, fined, or deported.

Needed Tools:
* XBox 360 w/ XTreme Firmware Update
* DVD+R Dual Layered Blank DVD
* Burner Capable Of Burning Dual Layered DVDs
* CloneCD
* XBOX360 SS Merger 1.5o from here.

First your going to download your games from wherever you get your stuff. I personally use newsgroups, it seems to be the fastest and most reliable source for getting anything. You need to check the game first to see what kind of rip it is. Straight rips of the games don't work yet so you need to find the ones that can be patched, or if your lucky already patched. This tutorial will show you how to patch the games if needed. The easiest way to check what kinda rip is to check the .nfo file that comes with almost every game.

Types Of Rips:
-Straight Rips: At this time these are impossible to do anything with. I group by the name of Pi has been releasing these lately. They are of no use at the current time though.

-Xtreme Rips (Not Patched): These are good rips that just need to be patched with the correct .bin file. I'll explain where to get these, and how to patch the files. After patched you can then burn it and it'll boot no problem.

-Xtreme Rips (Pre Patched): These files are the easiest to use, they come in .rar format like both other rips, the difference is you just have to unrar and burn. No patching required. This is the fastest way.

Note: Skip to step 2 if you have a prepatched iso.

1. Your going to have to patch the game to work correctly, without a patch the XBox360 won't know how to handle the game. Your going to need XBOX360 SS Merger 1.5o to do this. Open the program and load your iso. When it asks to check the MD5 hit yes, it'll take a few minutes, its a pretty big file.It will then produce an MD5 number for you. You want to load your ss.bin file that came with the game, if it didnt come with the game visit to get the ss.bin file you need. Load the file.If both boxes are green and the numbers match, that is the correct file you need to patch. Hit the big huge button on the right side of the program to patch the file. Again, this will take a few minutes, it's a huge file.It will then tell you it's finish and you can load the file that it outputs.

2. Open up Clone CD, anything above version 5 should work. Simply hit the second button to open and image file and select your new iso. It should load without problem. You will need a dual layered DVD+R to burn, your 360 won't read any other format correctly. Also, make sure you burn at 2x or close as possible so your game is readable and doesn't skip. This is very important.

3. Put the game in your XBox360 and enjoy. You can even play on XBox Live without a single problem.

This is the guide I wrote on my own website I converted it for use on these forums. Please don't steal it, if you want to use it on your website just email me. I didn't even bother watermarking the images.
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bastien86 Suspended account
it would be good to throw a little big setting in there :)
Thanks for this tut, very simply and easy to follow.
"it would be good to throw a little big setting in there :)"

What do you mean buddy? I'll be glad to add something if I missed it.

You mentioned "if it didnt come with the game visit here to get the ss.bin file you need". Where is "here" exactly to find ss.bin files for the games I have that I want to backup?

There is no link.

fixed. thanks for the heads up. When I converted it from my site the url didnt make it over. Its there now though.
i have a few questions, how big does the dvd have to be(how many gigabytes) and how do i know if my dvd burner is capable of burning a dual layered dvd? plz get back to me on this :)
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n0xious Suspended account
you need to use dual layer dvds (8.5 gigs) your dvd player should say DVD+R DL on the front, if it doenst have "DL" anywhere its probably not a dual layer
and 1 more thing the xtreme firmware update u have to open the xbox up to do that don't u?
n0xious Suspended account
Yes, I'll be posting a tutorial for that too, very soon.
Why download games,ripping them is much faster.
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What if we don't actually own the game? Also, some of us don't want to take our XBox360 apart... Even if we did do it the first time to mod the firmware, I don't want to take my 360 apart everytime i "buy" a new game.
TTownKlwn Suspended account
If you don't own the games than you can't make backups. That is
illegal, a felony actually
yeah, but these forums dont care about legalities.. go figure.

dont forget that different 360 DVD drives work with different media.

pioneer 111d (1.23 FW)+ verbatim DVD+R DL disks work for a majority of people with both drives.

super easy tutorial -memory card exploit using swap magic cd:
Burning ps2 save games and transferring them to memory card:
gamer0313 Suspended due non-functional email address
very good tut
TTownKlwn, I told you once and you were banned for it. Keep your negativity out of my posts. No one wants to hear the teenage piracy patrol captains speech about how piracy is wrong. If people choose to do it that's their problem. They don't need it rubbed in their face everytime you feel morally right. Go take up another cause. People are aborting babies, doing smack, and even killing cats for fun... Cant you find something better to complain about then people making illegal copies of PaRappa The Rapper for Playstation. Yes, this forum is against piracy as stated in forums rules. Let the moderators mod, that's their job. You keep making tacos, that's your job.

Mods: This is not just about this thread, for some reason TTownKlwn follows every post I make here and comments with his anti-piracy banter. I like to contribute, I even made this tutorial and I want to make more, but shmucks like this isn not good for productivity.
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XbOxOwNeR Suspended account
i have you question...what is bisetting and how do i do it...


you should include that..

thanx man great tut

New Sig In Tha Makin
I "might" need backup with this question, I didn't have to set any bit info up, I just used CloneCD and my burns work 100% perfect. Has anyone else had to change this setting?
fatjohnny Suspended due non-functional email address
is there a way to do that without opening up your xbox to apply the firmware?

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At this time, no.
hey that link to the ss.bin. You have to get the premium for unlimuted download. Is there anyways to find the bin for game that doen't come up with it?
Yeah, if your getting a few files you dont need an premium account, just follow the instructions.

If your looking for a whole bunch of ss.bin files I'd check newsgroups. I saw a the whole collection up there a few days ago.
the link also show some security sectors code, is there anyways to use them to crack for ss.bin?

when you said newsgroups. Do you mean i checked it, you have to sign up and pay montly.
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Nice tutorial!! Thank you. you just answered several of my questions. this also explains why my original xbox backups dont play. I am trying to use my originally backed up xbox games that i used in my xbox and they keep coming up with there is a problem with your original xbox game error. before that it came up with "You need to update do you wish to update then it came up with that error after i updated.. Is there anyway to get a tutorial on how to rebackup my xbox discs to work with the 360?
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