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Copying Disney DVD's

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I am using DVD Cloner III and 1Click DVD Pro with DVD43 to copy DVD's.

I am having a great deal of trouble copying Disney produced DVD's. The DVD simply shuts off DVD Cloner III and when I use 1 Click DVD, it says it is encrypted.

Does anyone have a method for copying Disney DVD's that works?

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Hi dmerrick
There are several ways/programs to back up Disney movies.
DVD43 has been updated to 3.9.0. So if you not using that version update it - may help with your programs & Disney movies.

I don't use DVD43 anymore - I use AnyDVD. Similar to DVD43 but not free (has a 21 day free trial - Updated frequently and handles all the new like copy protections like the ones on Disney movies. Much better imho.
But use one or the other - they can conflict.
AnyDVD works best w/ CloneDVD (also by slysoft and has a free 21 day trial). Other programs it works well with would be DVD Shrink and Nero Recode.

Another way would be to rip to your hard drive w/ DVD Fab Decrypter (free) then open those files in Cloner or 1 click. Or again Shrink and Recode. But do not have DVD43 running - can cause conflicts.

Then there's the new program free Ripit4me. Here's a guide w/ links:

Here's another guide w/ links (mainly free programs too) on the dvdfab decrypter/vobblanker/shrink/ method.

So there are a number of combinations that can be used to do Disney movies.

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AnyDVD & CloneDVD works all the time ALL Movies never had any trouble, has copy every Disney or any thing else !!!!!!
Thanks for the tips. I am going to give them a try. I appreciate the ideas. Anybody else with a suggestion?

My only suggestion,
Listen to Binkie,
'nuff said.
Seriously, AnyDVD and CloneDVD are the one two punch you need to crack anything out there, real easy, no hassle 100% reliable. Ever wonder why the most popular programs out there don't have their own forum threads? It is because they rarely have problems! It is that easy.

Thanks. I will give it a 4th of July try! And you are right about the programs!

Just did 2 Disney movies last night with this:

99% of all problems are between the computer and the chair.
dvdfab express-
will do every disney movie that i own with no problems including the newest releases.

If your not a little scared.....youre not riding hard enough!!!
Great advice. I have followed it and have successfully burned a number of movies that I could not touch before.THANKS!

You're welcome
Glad to here we could help ya out!!
happy burning!

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which route did you go and what worked for you?
just curious, it might help someone else also.
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If your not a little scared.....youre not riding hard enough!!!
I don't know what combination dmerrick used but I just copied Disney's Eight Below with the DVDFab Decrypter, VOB Blanker, DVD Shrink combination and had no problems with it whatsoever.
I used Ripit4me w/DVD Decrypter + Fix VTS + DVD Shrink (all free) and then used Copy to DVD or Cloner III and it has worked great. Perfect copies - no skip or slur.

I am back again with another question on the same issue. While the series of programs solves the problem of getting a good copy of the DVD, it takes well over 2 hours to build one copy. It takes about an hour+ to burn it to my hard drive and then and hour+ to burn it to the DVD. I am doing something wrong or stupid that is taking more time then necessary.

The copies are excellent and I seem to be able to copying anything which is a big plus but the time seems enormous?

May be a bit excessive depending on your pc's spec.
Another thing to check is that all your drives are in DMA mode not the slow transfer mode PIO. Here's a link:

Keep as much memory free as possible - no multi tasking and shut down any unnecessary processes.

If you haven't run a disc cleanup or system defrag recently - do that too.

You can also post back your pc specs and burn speed and we can take a quess on how long it should take.

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I tried your suggestions to be sure that both burners were in the right mode. They were. I also moved a number of programs from my internal hard drive to my external hard drive. My internal drive is 30G with 53%free. My external drive is 160g with 80% free.

I have burned a number of disks lately and the quality is good but the time is restrictive. I have gone to having the dvd files put on my H drive (external) and only going through the whole process once and then using copy to DVD to make my additional copies. I only copy 2 or 3 copies for family but this can be a 6 hour process to get 3 discs.

Any suggestions on how to speed up the process.

im assuming u ran disc clean up and defrag like binkie said. iwould also run adaware and ccleaner, there free and u can get them here.. ... ... the least i would recomend is 512 ram, 2.0gb cpu, 333fsb and ultra ide100 on ur hdd. u should be able to get good speed if u have this. if ur system is better then that then thats not ur problem.
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I think I may have found the big part of the problem. I have a 30G hard drive that was 2/3 full so I was saving the moving files to my external 140G hard drive, thinking it would be better. It wasn't. I cleaned up my internal drive and transfered a lot of "stuff" to the external drive. My last burn, I did all on my internal drive and it seemed to be much faster. Have you had any experiences like this where location on an external drive actually slowed down the DVD copy process. I did Vendetta a couple of days ago which was double layered (used the external drive) and it took 7 hours to copy.
UNBELIEVAVLBLE! But it was a clean copy. Any thoughts about doing the burn using just the internal hard drive versus an external hard drive??

How is your external hard drive connected? Using a 2.0 USB hub?
7 hours is way to long - external hard drive or not. Sounds like you're connecting to 1.1 USB hub.
i did Vendetta but not using an external hard drive, it took approx 1 hour total (thats to read to my h/drive shrink it and burn it)
It is a 1.1 usb hook up. That is all my computer has.

Ah than that's why it takes the time it does. That would probably be about right just quessing what the the pc specs are and using a 1.1 hub.

Alternative would be to get a new pci card for 2.0 usb or just use the internal drive only if you want to decrease the time.

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That't what I think I am going to do.

The DVD CLoner program is about the biggest ripp off ever man.

like they said use CloneDVD and ANYDVD= best bet. read the sig


I agree on DVD Cloner. I just don't use it anymore since I started to use Ripit4me.

I am also going to get a 2.0 USB card to replace my 1.1 usb ports so I can use my external drive more effectively.

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