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no color from dvd player

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I have a 37 inch Olevia LCD tv that I have been vary happy with. I run a Toshiba DVD player to it with componant hook up. Suddenly all my DVD's play in Black and white only. I have tried several other players with same result. HD signal works fine. Olevia Tech support leaves me for dead.Any clues ?
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Did you turn on the Component Video outputs? Does the Yellow Composite video output work ok?

Most Toshiba DVD players (and some others) require that the Component video output be switched on via the menu (OSD). Simply go to menu -> Video -> Output (or somthing) ans swithch component video on.


Yes, I did switch it on component and double checked it. I will check the composite vidio with an RCA cable. Good call.
Yellow composite cable works fine so it must be the component cables that are bad. I guess my only option is to replace the cables.
I bought a new set of componant cables and the dvd picure is still in black and white. Yellow composite does work fine.
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Its almost never the cable that is bad unless the cable is very old. If your sure it is set up correctly then I think its time to exchange the player for a new one.

Its strange that the picture is black and white because that suggests that the Y or green connection is working properly but the Blue and Red arn't.


I finally got through to a tech at Olivia and solved the problem. The saturation setting in the menu was set to zero. After adjusting it is now fine. I am still not sure how this happened but the tech said my power must have surged and somehow my cable boxset screwed up the setting. He said I need to update the firmware for the box but I am not sure how to do it.I did not think to adjust the setting because everything but the componant imput from the DVD player was fine. I am getting a surge protecter just in case. Thanks to all for your input.
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