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How to Extract and Burn a Xbox Game Tutorial(with pics)

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Ok here is a Quick Tutorial on how to Extract and Burn a Xiso...

1.So you got a hold of a Xbox game and it came in a bunch of .rar files no worries...
first go out and download WinRAR if you dont have it already.
Ok after you have that open up the folder the game is in it should look like this...

2. Now right click on the first .rar folder and then click extract to(whatever the folder is called)

3.ok after you extract it,it will go into a folder and should look something like this

4.Now go into the extracted folder and drag the ready to burn image onto the Desktop

5.Now you have you image all you have to do is burn it,open up ImgBurn
Once its opened up go to the top and choose mode-Write like in the pic below

6.Now Click the Browse Folder and Choose the image you want to burn

Then Click Open

7.Now put your Blank DVD-R in and click Write, I Would Burn at 4x Speed just to be safe
there ya go...

Hope this helps for the people who were getting confused....

go to tools-settings and make sure the iso writing tab looks like the one below

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thanks for the guide! i would like to chime in if i may, instead of using DVD Dycrpyter, you can also use Nero Burning Rom.

BenQ DVD DD DW 1620 / WinXPpro(SP2) / IntelP4 2.93GHz/504 MB of RAM/ NeroBurningROM/NeroVision/ Alcohol 120%/ DVDShrink/ DVDdycrypter
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Yea you can use the burning program of choice but this is the one most commonly used.....

nice job theridges! this would make a good sticky... ;)

but wat about the other files?
I've just been using ImgBurn instead of DVD Decrypter. Seems to be working fine.
A MOD SHOULD STICKY THIS RIGHT AWAY! many people will find this useful!

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yea i thought they would.... :(

wut if the game isn't in .rar format (in format thats in like 001, 002, 003 etc.)
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thats .rar format my friend the same as the tutorial.....just right click the first one and exract it to its name like above.....

o nvm figured it out
thanks alot for this m8, i knew a bit about this but i was using Nero and my buffer kept failing ImgBurn no probs at all

thanks again :)
I dont have a dvd burner but I know how to FTP .iso files to my xbox with qwix... is there any program that will create a .iso file and save to a my comp's hdd instead of burning it to a dvd?... or is there an easier way around this problem... can I just FTP the files over to my xbox with smart FTP or something?
nvm... im such a newb... i figured it out. it was alot simpler than i thought. sry
okay, Ive never had that problem but I have a game that when I try to extract it it extracts all of the contents of the game instead of making it an ISO, and when I try to make it an ISO in qwix it still wont work on the x-box, am I just stupid or how can I fix this
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what game would this be and where did you download it there an .xbe file in the files you extracted?

yeah, I downloaded Karaoke Revolution, and it does have several .xbe files: update.xbe, downloader.xbe, default.xbe, dashupdate.xbe. So if you could tell me how to go about it I would greatly appreciate it.
oh, and I'm not the most experienced with backing games up, so if you could please describe the process of what to do with the .xbe files in small detail it would help.
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well you should just be able to create the Xiso Using Qwix....what program and speed did you burn the game at?

just been looking at the last couple of posts on this having the same problem.sometimes i will download a game and its just like in your directions(WinRAR-extract-iso-burn-Nero)no problem.but on the odd occasion i will get a game and its not a rar file its just a file with a load of mixed files in it,not an iso in site.when i try a make an iso with these files using qwix the created iso is the right size but will not load at all.most files are 01-02-03file etc,and some are sfv of download sorry for my life story.thanks
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if they are .r001 or anything like that,then there part of a set and need to be extracted....

I just downloaded a xbox game for the first time and after I unrared it was just a normal iso file
will it work If i just burn it onto a disk with a program like DVD Decrypter
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This looks pretty easy to me but I do have a question. I have downloaded a couple of xbox iso game images from torrent sites. Do I just use dvd decryptor to burn image to dvd? Also, does my xbox need to be modded to use the burned game? Thanks in advance.
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Yes your xbox needs to be modded, and yes use DVD Dec. to your the image..

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