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Tutorial: how to speed up the fps on the dolphin GC emulator ***please sticky***

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ok guys,here it is :

first of all, people are getting SICK of answering the same question over,and over,and over.

also, some are providing the WRONG info.

"there is NO way to speed it up"

doing it is as easy as 1-2-3 ;) the emulator (I recommend the older versions of dolphinEMU
preferrably version 1.01
the older versions are less compatible, but they are indeed faster)

2. open the emulator and at the top of the window where there's file,etc. click emulation

3. then click "use dynarec"
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but still

it won't work perfectly

it'll still act up

the purpose of dolphin is to show that "it CAN be done"

"it" is GC emulating
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