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folder2ISO doesn't create image

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i used ripitforme to rip a movie. I used the movie only option. It created a bunch of VTS and VOB files. Iused folder2ISo following instructions in the guide (created a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directory etc). When I burnt the resultant ISO image using DVD Decripter I find that the DVD actually has the individual files that were in the folder and not really an image.
Any clues?
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Sounds fine to me- from what I understand- You say you created an ISO- burnt it using DVD Decrypter and then when exploring the finished DVD you see the files as VOB, IFO, BUP etc (are they withing the VIDEO_TV folder?
Also when making the ISO with Folder2ISO make sure you select the folder that has the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS inside it, don't select vIDEO_TS or the other.
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I did try imgtool classic, infact I have been using that for a couple years now. When I use imgtool classic I get a whole bunch of files missing messages, so I didn't want to continue. For example it seems to want the .BUP files. even after i backed up all .IFO as .BUP it was complaining about some missing .VOB file (of course it won't find all the .VOB files since I ripped only the main movie!)

Yes, I did exactly that. I created a dummy parent directory with a child VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directory (the latter being empty).
I don't want to see the .VOB or .IFO files on the created DVD. Usually one cannot "explore" a DVD that is playable in a DVD player, is it not? Isn't that what ripping does- convert the image on the DVD to a series of files?
Yes, it's meant to have the files there and they are meant to be viewable, no prob there. It will play on a DVD player and you can still explore it.
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If you used RipIt4Me why did you not just let Shrink create your iso file and then burn it? All you need to do if you ripped movie only with RipIt4Me is to open this file in reauthor in Shrink and then drag the title over and backup. Shrink will make another BUP file on the transcode. If you use RipIt4Me in 1click mode Shrink will automatically open to the right Shrink mode/screen for you.

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