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Easy Guide to Playing SNES on the gamecube

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This may not be new news folks, but there is a full speed SNES Emulator available on the gamecube! Yes, it is possible to create a MiniDVD with All your favorite roms and play them on the gamecube. Not too fond of minidvd? It is also possible with SDCard if you are capable of loading your SDCard on gamecube w/ action replay. Features are as follows:

* Fullscreen Graphics
* Sound Emulation
* SRAM Manager
* DVD Loading
* SDCard Loading
* 1-4 Player Support
* Mode 7 Supported
* Super FX Supported
* SDD1, SRTC, SA-1 Supported
* DSP1 & DSP2 Supported
* Partial DSP4 Support
* Supports Hi-Res 512x224 screens
* Joliet Browser
* PAD Configuration saved with SRAM
* Memcard save/load time extended
* Zipped Roms Support

So how do I do it? Well, it's very simple. Here's how if your using a miniDVD (SDCard users skip to step 8):

1. Download the emulator .dol files from here: and unzip the files wherever you wish.

2. Create a directory somewhere on your hardrive, for example, SNES. In this directory, put the snesgx.dol file and a folder called ROMS (If you use the viper modchip to boot DVD, use the snesgx-viper.dol file instead).

3. Put all of your favorite SNES roms in either .smc, .fig or .zip format in the ROMS folder (please note, that the max size of this folder should not exceed 1.1GB because of the max capacity of the MiniDVD)

4. Open up Nero (or whatever Burning Software you prefer) and start to burn a new DVD. See screenshot below for the options I use when burning the dvd.

5. Put the snesgx.dol (or snesgx-viper.dol depending if u use viper chip or not) and the roms folder in the root of your MiniDVD and burn away.

6. Use your favorite NGC Bios (I prefer GcoS 1.5) and, using the disc explorer, run the snesgx.dol file in the root of the DVD-R.

7. Choose the "Load New Rom from DVD" Option from the menu. Browse to the ROMS folder on your DVD, choose the ROM you want to play, and, voila! SNES on the Gamecube! And so easily too!

8. (SD Card Users ONLY) For you guys it's quite simple. Stick the snesgx.dol file onto the root of the card, and put all of your ROMS (either .smc, .fig or .zip) in a folder called SNESROMS. Then, load the snesgx.dol off of your SDCard in whatever way you like, choose the load from SDCard option, and load the roms from your SDCard, simple as that!

9. (OPTIONAL STEP) Want to make it look even more official? A little bit like this maybe?

Feel free to download the DVD Case Cover I custom made from here:

Don't believe it? Here are some videos of how easily it works:
Loading from DVD:
Loading from SDCard (Thx to Krullo):


1. "I can't save games, saving doesn't work!"
Solution: Press L+Z to access main menu and save your game. If it is saying
"Can't mount memory card", just remove the memcard and put it back in and it
should work.

2. "I saved but it still doesn't work, I started all over!"
Solution: Saving is NOT save state, it is SRAM saves. This means that you can
only save once you have reached a save point in the game. Once you save in the
original game itself, then you must press L+Z and save to your memory card. Next
time you load, it will load not from exactly where you saved, but the savepoint
@ which you saved.

3. "Super Mario All Stars Doesn't Work! (Now Fixed)"
Solution: This is a known glitch with Snes9x, in order for Super Mario All Stars
to work you must use the controller in port 2, not 1.(Now Fixed)

4. "It takes too long for me to scroll through all these games!"
Solution: Pressing left or right instead of up and down will do a pageskip quite
rapidly so you can find what you want faster.

5. "It sounds wierd"
Solution: None. It's a known problem which may be fixed later on. Just live w/ it
it's not THAT bad at all.

- SoftDev For making the original emulator
- for originally hosting softdev's works
- Krullo for v.0.0.5 w/ SDCard Loading +many new features
- SNES9x team for original emu
- The coders of for up2date bugfixing this emulator.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.
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Working great here! Tnx a lot!

I bought a Hori controller a few days ago, awesome! :D
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I'll have to try this out one of these days. Thanks for the guide, pics, covers, and vids. Everything looks great!
How About Nes Any Guides On That, Im Having trouble with it.
NES is the same idea. You just have to inject a dol w/ any NES rom and make a folder called ROMS, and burn the .dol file and your roms folder on a MiniDVD. If you are having trouble making the .dol, I can upload a pre-made one for you like I did for SNES.
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will .rar work or only .zip??? , i burnt rar without thinking :(
only .zip lol sry and they all have to be seperate files, you can't just put one big .rar file with roms.
roy8846 Suspended due non-functional email address
no each rom is a seperate rar , but as its zip only i guess i'll extract em all :(
Yeah i could use the dol file i cant get it, and a question do the nes roms need to be renamed or just burn a folder that has a rom folder and the dol file?
OK here is the dol for FCE Ultra (NES Emulator for Gamecube). Normal DOL and the DOL for Viper modchip included, as well as the readme.

as for your question, just burn the folder w/ the dol file and the folder of ur NES roms. Remember, must be in .nes format and they can not be zipped, unlike the SNES version.
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Thanx alot, by the way im getting the viper should be easy to install i already did 3 xboxes. cant wait to get it 4 wire so easy.
Quick question i want to make them each iso's, then use Viper Multi Boot ISO Creator, will this work, i 'll use ImgBurn to make nes a iso then the snes, then use the viper creater to combine them to burn on a DVD-R? thanx
no need to do that. If you wanna put both on 1 DVD-R (supposing you can fit all your roms within 1.4GB) all you have to do is put both SNES and NES .dol files in the root, and make 2 folders, in one of them, put the SNES roms, and in the other, put NES roms. Then, using disc explorer, boot up whichever .dol u wanna use, and load the roms from the corresponding folder. Viper Multi Boot is Unnecessary because your not booting anything your just using disc explorer.
thanx sounds easy i cant wait till i get the damn chip. thanx what else have you done (homebrew)?
Emulators For Gamecube:
-XMame (GC Linux)
Chip 8:
-Chip 8 Emulator
-Dotriem Emulator
-Genesis Plus
-FCE Ultra GC
PC Engine:
Super Nintendo:
-Snes 9x GC Emulator
-Snes 9x GC(Linux)
-Snes 9x GX Edition
-Gameboy Emulator


Homebrew for Gamecube

I cant find cubedoom how about pm me where to get it please doom is one of my favs of all time.
CubeDoom is a work in progress, also in my opinion it's so old and bad and available to play in so many other ways (even dreamcast). But, whatever floats your boat.

is where you can find more details.
I know i have it on everything i just thoght it would be cool thanx.
i got both emulators running thanx, by the way some of the roms aint showing on the snes any ideas?
How would I get XMame to run on gamecube?
XMame is not so ez in that you have to compile linux for your gamecube (called GC Linux) and then run XMame through GC Linux. Quite a task, plus you can't play the later MAME games as they will lag no doubt, only the early simple ones.
if this works, mite have to go out and buy a damn GC for like 40 dollars cause this is sick. thanks for the guide.

Hi, i'm all new to this homebrew thing, just got my Gamecube done. I got the Duo Q chip. Will this SNES emulator work with the Duo Q?
the emu will work as long as your BIOS has a disc explorer or SDCard explorer tool so you can run the snesgx.dol file.
Has anybody been able to play any N64 games on the Gamecube? If so how????
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