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Where Can I Buy An Original Xbox?

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I just recently decided that I want an Xbox. I already have a 360 and when I bought it I thought the backwards compatiability was going to be pretty good, then I found out that it will only play 3 of my original Xbox games. I looked at Gamestop and their back ordered there, and I don't think any stores like Bestbuy even sell them any more, and also I've looked on Ebay but I would prefer not to go that route if possible. Thanks
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just google it

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I thought about doing that but I was going to check and see if you all knew any good trusted sites because I'm not too sure with some sites, you know if I'm getting ripped off or not.
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There is always Ebay
Yea but they all want like $125 out of theirs plus shipping. But I think my cousin is going to sell me hers, I just thought I would have been able to get one for $100 or cheaper.
Go to Gamestop and get a refirbished one.
$99.99 with a game.
Trust me they are just as good as new, which will be a lot harder to find since every store i know got rid of them when the 360 came out.
I have one from there, but i had mine modded with a chip.
But i know that is where the person said that they got it and i have not had a problem in the year i have had it.

Thanks for the reply but, I went to gamestop and they were sold out and then I went on their website and it said back ordered for every Xbox console. Otherwise I would get it there becuase I trust Gamestop.
Try EB and Babbage's as well, since they're both part of the same company as GameStop.
I looked online and EB is also back ordered, but I'll try the actuall store. If they don't have any like I said my cousin said she'd sell me hers but, she didn't name a price she asked how much I was willing to pay for it, how much do you all think is a good price, BTW it hasn't been played but a few times.
Well, how's your friendship with your cousin? It's more a matter of how much money you want to give her for it, and whether or not you'd feel guilty about giving her too little.

I say give her $80 if works properly, only because it's your cousin.
Well I wouldn't have asked except that I know somebody that bought one for $40. So I didn't know if it was more of that price or more around $100. But yea I think $80 is a good price.
My brother's bought PS2's from his friends for $40 a piece, so I understand where you're coming from.
man that's cheap $40 a piece.

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Yeah it is, I think $70 or $80 would be a decent price though. It hasn't been played but around 3 times and they just got it around last December, I could be wrong though, did they still make Xbox around that time?
If you want an Original XboX i have an offer for you. Obviously this will sound seedy to you... Modded XboX with a pissload of games on it, 4 controllers, dvd hookup, etc etc etc. headset, live, some 3 month coupons (even though you can't use em cuz of the mod) All of this goodness in a package wrapped in newspaper (wrapping optional) for $160.

It all works 100% let me know.
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but is it not against the rules to try to sell things on here like that, also "with a p**sload of games on it" that not piracy?
Not if i add this!!! "Disclaimer: All games were legally purchased at a purveyor of fine softwares. Intentions are to distribute royalties to each of the companies from which games have taken. The message contained herein is soleley the opinion of the writer and not of the site ''."
Well thanks for the offer but $160 is more than I want to spend.
I am unsure why it would be illegal to sell an xbox or any other accessories on a site like this, short of copyright infringement. However this website is not selling for profit, MY xbox, and neither am I. I am simply making a proposal to a fellow poster. If further actions are to be taken it will be privately and not through the facilitation of illegally modified video game systems retailing through this website.

Thanks You guys are wicked.
And I still think that it's against the rules to sell things on afterdawn, I may look at your product if it is on Ebay.
But as I said $160 is more than I wanted to spend.
That is the price with all the accesories and stuff factored in. tell me what you are looking for in an email to: NO and i will get back to you so we don't get in trouble for using afterdawn as a 3rd party marketplace.

ok so apparently i have to put my email in a PM and not in a Public message....
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I understand your intentions are good, and I appriciate your offer but It is against the forum rules to post your e mail address, I would suggest editing it from your post and then send me a PM perhaps.
"I understand that your intentions are good.."

Then you don't know me.
I'm sorry but, what do you mean by that?
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