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what does this panasonic error code mean??

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hope im in the right spot for this. anyway, my panasonic widescreen dlp tv is having problems. when i turn it on. it will work for about 5 min, then just shut off for no reason. and it will only turn on once it has been unplugged and plugged back in. the problem got worse though, and now it doesnt turn on at all. when you push the power button, it just makes some clicking noises and then nothing. the led on the front flashes 7 times. which from what ive been told is an error code. what does this code mean?? and does anyone have a guess at what could be the problem??

the model number is PT-50DL54J

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Very hard to tell from the available info but I can't imagine a flashing LED could be regarded as an error code.
The first thing I'd suspect is heat. If it is about 5 mins before shutdown try your power saving settings. Turn power saving to max (Screen should be much dimmer)and if it now lasts more than 5 mins heat is your answer. Feel the top of the tv to see how hot it is. Move tv to a different location of ventillate better. The clicking noises you refer to, are they electronic clicks or cabinate creaks because the latter would also indicate excessive heat.

If this doesn't work suspect no.2 would be a dodgy tv.
I'm not familar with your model but my samsung 32" can get supprisingly hot.
My Samsung 46" dlp I just ordered does use the leds as a way of giving out a code so try reading your manual. Thats how I found out about that feature and what it means. If you don't have your manual goto samsung's website. I'm sure you can download it there.
well, I have had the Pan PT-50DL54J for 1 year as of Dec 27 and today the lamp went out and seeing that they want 300bucks for a new one, it is going back to the store today.
after the problems i was originally having, i took it to the repair shop. i suspected the bulb was about to burn out. the techs at the repair shop said "no way that was my problem."

so they charged me 80$ to diagnose the problem. then they came to the conclusion that the bulb was no good. so they changed it out and reset the bulb timer. so 500$ later. i took the TV home. it worked for about 2 days. now it just wont turn on at all for some reason. when i push the power button, the light on the button flashes green for awhile. and then it stops. but no picture ever appears. one thing i didnt mention originally. is that the LED that was flashing originally was the one on the power button. but it was red before.

ive taken the TV back to the service shop for warranty on the service they performed. i was told i would be notified if there was any extra charges for whatever else they might have to do this time. i told them they can throw it in the dumpster if there is any extra charges. this is ridiculous. ive watched this TV approximately 35 hours since i bought it a year and a half ago. i highly doubt i shall be buying any panasonic products in the future.

oh well, this oversized projection takes up too much space. now i can buy a plasma i suppose to hang above my fire place instead.
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