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How to Make XBMC Your Default Dashboard

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How to Make XBMC Your Default Dashboard
By: FuZ3

Things you are going to need:

- Softmodded Xbox
- XBMC-CVS 2006-07-25-T3CH:;/fileinfo.html
- XBE Shortcut Maker:;/fileinfo.html
- MC360(Optional):;5356681;;/fileinfo.html
- FTP Client:;/fileinfo.html

Getting Started

First you are going to need to FTP to your E:\Apps folder

Then after extracting the XBMC folder from the XBMC-CVS 2006-07-25-T3CH.rar you need to drag it over to the E:\Apps folder

Then you are going to need to open up the XBE Shortcut Maker. You need to put the file path to where your Xbox Media Center's default.xbe file is and type it in the "Target Path" bar

Then you need to click "Create Shortcut" and type default for "File Name" and then click "Save"

Then you need to locate the default.xbe that loads your modded dashboard. In which mine is located in the E:\Dashboard folder. Then you need to overwrite it with the default.xbe that the XBE Shortcut Maker created

Then click the overwrite button

Now you just want to reboot your Xbox and it should load to the XBMC dashboard!

Team Blackbolt has made a skin for Xbox Media Center that makes it look exactly like an Xbox 360.

**Note** This is totally optional, but looks sweet!

Loading the skin

All you need to do is FTP the MC360 folder into the E:\Apps\XBMC\Skin folder

Then just reboot your Xbox and go into the "Settings"

Then go into "Appearence"

Then just change the skin to MC360.

It will take a second to load and then you will see your Xbox 360 skin on your original Xbox!

Don't forget to change the "Startup Window" to "XBMC Live Blade" so it starts up like a normal Xbox 360.

Then just reboot your Xbox and your done!

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hey i did the steps you mention but in the end when i open my xbox no dashboard shows. It's just stuck at mircosoft xbox logo. I had an evox dahboard if that helps.
For the .xbe shortcut did you set the filepath correctly to your XBMC\default.xbe file correctly?

*Note* Don't forget to use a \ instead of a /
yeah I typed / not \ and I cant FTP my xbox because of the logo still on there. Is there a way to fix that?
sorry for the double post but i think this information is required. I used xboxhdm to mod my xbox so the location of the apps is at the /C/ drive and the evox dashboard i had was at /E/ROOT/default.xbe and that file had ~742KB. I hope this information helps.
So you can't go to your modded dashboard?
yeah like like i said it kinda frozen in mircosoft logo sorry if i confused you
Hmmm. I don't know what to tell you. I guess you might need to run XBHDM again and fix your harddrive. Then I guess you could go ahead and make your shortcut with the right file extension. Don't forget use \ instead of /
That will be no problem. Do you know the steps (with pics if nessecary) to fix your harddrive? It's been a while since the last time i used it so I'm alil rusty.
I have never used it. I have tryed but my computer couldn't run it so I gave up. I'm sure someone else here could help you out. But from what I have heard, XBHDM is pretty self explainatory.
are you softmodded? if yes do the following...

if u are stuck at the microsoft logo, try inserting your auto-installer dvd if you dont have one, download one from the net it should let you install a dashboard then you can get back in ur xbox and FTP and do the changes you need to do.

i do that in mine all the time when i mess up something and stay stuck on the microsoft logo at the beginning.
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If you aint messing up, you aint learning!
I have the exact same problem so for the auto installer, if i used AID 3.0 could i just go straight too install dashboard? or would i have to go thorough all the steps like backup eeprom, etc....? Or as an alternative, is thre anyway to use the auto installer to FTP to my xbox so i can just correct the dashboard withotu installing anything??
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I doubt you would need to backup your eeprom again considering you have already done so. But I don't know much about installer disks.
I know this sounds like a stupid question but since my computer cant burn DVDs can I put it on a CD-R? I heard xbox could read a certain type of CD and wanted to verify.
kamikaze it dont hurt trying and see if it works on cd dont know here cause all i use is dvd's, yours might read it or might not.

about FTP i dont think you will be able to since there is no dashboard to manage the xbox. best thing is just burn your auto-installer then just choose to install dashboard and install the one you want you dont have to install everything just insttall the dashboard you wish to install then if you want o back up your xbox do it. soons read this is for you too hopefully it works for you.

If you aint messing up, you aint learning!
thanks al hey is it against the rules to ask for the location of the auto installers because all i get is .pdf files.
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torrent sites are not a bad idea or mIRC find some guides on how to do torrents if you dont know how to do it

and i almost forgot thanks for the guide FUZ3 is bad a$$

If you aint messing up, you aint learning!
reaper271 Suspended due non-functional email address
ummm i dont think i have an apps folder, what should i do?

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It should make an Apps folder when you install a modded dashboard. If not I do not know what to tell you. If you go into your dashboard and there is an applications section then I don't think it would matter if you made your own folder. About the installer disk: I have used the Slayer disk, I used a CD-R and it worked fine in my Xbox. My computer can't burn DVD's anyway so I just tryed it and it worked like a charm.

thanks for the guide FUZ3 is bad a$$
Thanks! If you guys can think of anything else you would want a tutorial for just let me know, I enjoy making them, lol.
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reaper271 are you softmoded or you have a chip and what dashboard are you using right now?

another thing when you FTP your xbox go to drive E: then you should see a apps/ folder

Fuz3 well dont know if peeps would like to activate trainers from xbmc i did just learn today lol downloaded xored then run the app from xbmc and it worked like a charm but before i always thougt i had to go to evox to load trainers now i know i can load em from xbmc that could be a good guide for peeps interested in running trainers from xbmc and dont know how. but maybe you can try a more worth a while guide its up to you. Good luck and thanks again for the guide.

If you aint messing up, you aint learning!
I don't know how to do that, lol. If you taught me I would write a guide.
how would i teach you? there is a way to private message another user i dont know if there is. cause i need to give you some links to get xored trainer launcher or just do a google if there is no way for us to communicate in private for links, once you have xored just FTP it to your xbox in apps and name the folder xored then if you havent load the trainers load em in c: trainers then you can launch xored from applications in xbmc and load the trainer you wish. by the way let me know if there is a way to private each other or another way i know we cant put out our eamil in plubic so help me out there lol.

If you aint messing up, you aint learning!
@ reaper271 are you using an evox dashboard? If so, the apps folder should be on something like /c/nk/apps.... at least thats where my apps should be at.
@ al_he_79 is auto installers suppose to be hard to download or somthing? I am using bitlord for 1 hour and it's not picking up anything. I have verizon DSL so i dont think its the connection.
@ FuZ3 thanks for the info bout CD-R I'll use one as soon as i get the auto installer. As for the new guide do you know how to watch tv shows on XBMC? If you do you ccould make a guide out of that.
Watch TV shows on XBMC? I doubt it. But your apps folder should be located at E:/Apps But it's not always the same.
@kaM1kAzE try to download from another site maybe that one is no good send me a private and ill send you some good links to where get some good torrents and good speeds

@fuz3 the newest update for t3ch xbmc has lots of good scrips one of em has one to watch tv about 20 channels, but i havent been able to watch nothing i put it on a channel but nothing comes on but there is programs to watch tv, the question is do they work? so far they dont for me.
how about a guide on how to update t3ch xbmc with newest update. ;)

If you aint messing up, you aint learning!
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