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Best way to clean dvd disc?

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Hi .... can anyone recommend a safe way to clean dvd discs? Are those eyeglass spray cleaners or lens cloths safe to use?
I only see those cloths available, but they don't always work.

On a side note ... what about repairing scratches? I once used one of those disc repair devices (the type that rotates)- it did nothing but ruin my disc, and a rare one at that!
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to clean mine, i usually use 91% rubbing alcohol, and a cotton ball. rub from center outward. that helps my disks. have not ever used the spray eye glass cleaner.
get a plastic cleaner,
rubbing alcohol has oil in it..
used denatured alcohol if you must use alcohol...

In the United States, rubbing alcohol, U.S.P. and all preparations coming under the classification of Rubbing Alcohols and must be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the US Treasury Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, using Formula 23-H (8 parts by volume of acetone, 1.5 parts by volume of methyl isobutyl ketone, and 100 parts by volume of ethyl alcohol). It contains 68.5-71.5% by volume of absolute ethyl alcohol, the remainder consisting of water and the denaturants, with or without colour additives, and perfume oils. Rubbing Alcohol contains in each 100 mL not less than 355 mg of sucrose octaacetate or not less than 1.40 mg of denatonium benzoate.

Denatonium Benzoate is the world’s bitterest known substance.

Adding as little as thirty parts of Denatonium Benzoate to one million parts of a liquid makes that liquid too bitter to be tolerated by most human subjects. This denaturant has been thus described as the bitterest compound known.

Chemically, Denatonium Benzoate is a close relative of the local anesthetic lidocaine – its structure differs from lidocaine by the addition of a single benzyl group.

read the rest here

The preparation may be coloured with one or more colour additives. A suitable stabilizer may also be added.

Description: Transparent, colourless or coloured as desired, mobile, volatile liquid, with an extremely bitter taste, and in the absence of added odourous substances, a characteristic odour; flammable; specific gravity of Formula 23-H is between 0.8691 and 0.8771 at 15.56°.

read the rest here

just info i found..

Scratched CD? Hair gel to the rescue
August 4, 2006 7:00 AM PDT

As much as we try to be Progressive with technology, some of us at Blogma just can't bring ourselves to abandon our CD collections. So we were delighted upon finding this post on Om3ga, which claims to have found a sure-fire way to repair scratched CDs and DVDs. The secret ingredient in his magic solution: hair gel.


yes, hair gel, and guess what… It worked!

I applied it in much the same way as the toothpaste, except I didn’t dribble water on it. I rubbed it first. Even though I applied it to one area, it ended up evenly spread around the whole disc. I then dribbled water on to loosen it up so I could rub the excess off.

So, the secret to scratch free CDs is……

Hair Gel!-Ben
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Thanks for your input
HAIR GEL !!!!???

Whoah! ... The article on alcohol flew over my head.
Where in the heck does one find denatured alcohol?
What type of "plastic cleaner" .... there are so many on the market.

I read a newspaper clip that said toothpaste (the white paste, not the gel type) can remove scratches, but I've yet to try it.

I'm anxious to fix the scratch marks on my (rare) dvd that this so-called "dvd repair" device ruined, but hesitant to try anything that will further damage. Still can't believe they're still selling these devices in the stores.
wow man, thanks

very intresting....


DamonDash Suspended account
I think im going to put that to the test myself.

91% Isopropyl Alcohol ! For cleaning All I use ! Also Buy yourself a Radial Type CD/DVD cleaner!!! You want the kind with the Circular Or O Shaped Cleaning pad ! Some have a Comma shaped or Taps shaped pad like Taps you put on your shoes ( That dates me does'nt it?) !THose type I've found actually tend to Scratch your Disc ! I have two like that A Maxell & a Kinyo & Both are basically the Same ! But the One I use & recommend is a RCA/ Discwasher model I found at Big lots For $5.00 I use that one with the 91% alcohol & works really great! It may actually Buff out or Fill in Tiny Scratches But I can't swear to it? But it does clean disc really Good ! I had a similar unit made by Scotch3M for years And I literally Wore it Out - These are the manual Crank it yourself Types ! The Automated Cleaners Should work But then you need batteries or Electricity ! This way you get Exercize !!!!!!!! Like someone said I would be Kind of Hesitant to Put Disc CD's or DVD's with all Kind ouf Gooks & Chemicals on them ! Particularly Oily or Greasy/Stick ones But That's me To each their Own I suppose ! If I had a Priceless Disc I think I would try to find somewhere That Resurfaces/ Polishes them Proffesionally ( Videogame store/Video Store ect... The results are better and then you can back up the Game movie or data and use the backup Keeping The Original or master safe for Future backups !If you don't have one locally There is a Company called and they do this contact them for particulars ! I would try locally first though!
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FeetZ Up ! Head Down !
Ps#1- The Alcohol Thing - Use 91% if You can find 99% that might even be Better ? But 91% works ! Test it first Take a Clean hand mirror Or Clean Glass surface you can use ! put a few drops of the alcohol You plan to use onto the hand mirror or clean glass surface! allow it to evaporate /Dry !! it will happen rather quickly !!! Now look for Spots or discoloration on the mirror where the alcohol was ! You should'nt see any . If you do then don't use that brand to clean your DVD's/CD's That residue left behind is Lanolin ( what they put in hand lotion ) or some other emolient to make your sin less dry feeling ! Alcohol Dries you skin out ! IF the mirror test works with the alcohol you bought then use it ! Good luck!

FeetZ Up ! Head Down !
For cleaning CDs/DVDs, I use eyeglass cleaner that I purchased at WalMart . . and they refill it for free!

For scratch repair . . Brasso™ ! Nothing works any better . .

I've purchased countless audiobooks on CD at yard/garage sales and lots of them weren't treated very well. Brasso™ has never let me down.

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Originally posted by catfreak:
For cleaning CDs/DVDs, I use eyeglass cleaner that I purchased at WalMart . . and they refill it for free!

For scratch repair . . Brasso™ ! Nothing works any better . .

I've purchased countless audiobooks on CD at yard/garage sales and lots of them weren't treated very well. Brasso™ has never let me down.
Brasso? Wow, seems harsh, but also seems your not alone. LINK

So what's the procedure? Pour some Brasso onto a lint free cloth and rub or use Brasso in one of those CD polishing gizmos? Inquiring minds wanna know?

Greetings all, I work at a CD DVD repair company. They make this stuff called CD/DVD Fix-It. Comes in a 2 oz. bottle. I have used this stuff several times. When I first started t here I was sceptical. This product really does work.

Hold your cd or dvd up to a light. If you see light through a scratch then your disc is ruined. The Fix-It solution fills in the scratches so the laser doesn't bounce around in the scratch. I haven't tried some of the homemade methods here. Also, this Fix-It is known to reduce loading time in game based discs, created a nice polish.


**creaky is keeping an eye to make sure this doesn't turn into an advert for said product**
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Toothpaste works good, acetone and denatured alcohol (get it at the hardware store)rubbing alcohol is good there not enough residue left in that to harm anything, brass polish and anything polish it all works on store bought cd's and dvd's Oh yea if you don't have anything like this, spit on it!

tennisboy Suspended account
hair gel...thats retarted no way that works
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