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Modifying aspect ratio

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I have a film which I downloaded that seems to have originally been 4:3 ratio and seems to have now 16:9 ratio.

So the images look squeezed between up and down, not between left and right as it should be if it was anamorphized.

What aspect ratio should I use to get things back to normal?
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If you could post a screenshot of what you're talking about, a picture IS worth a thousand words ;-) also open it in PPro if you have this and use the Get Properties for feature and display those or maybe open it with ImTOO mpeg also had a nice feature for displaying the video's true properites like exact framesize, aspect ratio, etc.
I don't know how to post a picture here for you to see. But it looks as if a 4:3 frame had been crushed from above and below onto a 16:9 frame. Get it?

I don't use Premiere or ImTOO, but on GSpot it shows it is a 640x368 (1.74:1) feature. What other info do you need?
By SeeMoreDigital 15th April 2006, 16:06
An MPEG-4 encode with a resolution of 640x368, offers a square pixel aspect ratio of 1.74:1. Like-wise an MPEG-4 encode with a resolution of 640x340, offers a square pixel aspect ratio of 1.88:1... Neither of which are close to the 1.77:1 source!

If you want to view your 640x368 encode at 1.77:1 you will need to add some "aspect ratio signalling" (ARS) to the MPEG-4 bit-stream!

In this particular instance you could simply "drag-and-drop" your 640x368 encode into MPEG4 Modifier" and select its 16:9 DAR option... and save the new encode ;)

Provided you have a suitable MPEG-4 direct-show decoder filter (which offers ARS detection) installed, your software player will be able to display the new encode at 1.77:1.... The same goes if you have a suitably equipped stand-alone player!
a 1.74:1 is a 16:9 enhanced ratio for Computer Screens(which have square pixels).
Re-encode with the correct ratio of 1.77:1.

Use AutoGK, GordenKnot, or CCE w avisyth. Set for DAR 16:9

Best I can do without actually "seeing" the problem.
Jam on.
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Thanks. I ended up using TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress, which allowed me doing the correction.

The exact ratio had to be determined by trial and error, finding the best natural proportions.
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