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Full-lenght movies, films in WMV

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does someone know good resource for full-lenght video movies, films in .WMV format? I am talking about *full lenght* video/ movies that distributed in DVD. Not a trailers, short films or clips. Most movies offered in DVD(mpeg2), DivX formats, but not the WMV.. There are offered only short video films for pocket PC devices in .wmv format, with poor quality..
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I'm sure that there would be stuff available. All be DRM'ed though, so I wouldn't waste my money.
I have T2 EE in wmv-hd. That rip freaking rocks. 1080p kicks ass

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You have to format yourself using one of several programs out there... i have an apex E2Go personal media player which i rip the dvd and make them divx/avi.....
caffeine_ Suspended due non-functional email address offers full wmv a cost... plus its drm'ed. Choose your poison though, because its either drm'ed wmv or illegal torrented AVI.

If you choose to use movielink you can strip the DRM using a tool called fairuse4mm.

No. I do not need any DRM movies, all this is highly inconvenient. I need just full DVD rips, movies, in WMV formats only. High quality, 1600-2000kbps, from 480 x 360 resolution and higher(640 x 480).
The studios won't allow downloads without DRM and WMV is generally chosen because of DRM. No other reason to use it.

You can't always get what you want.

That said you could buy the DVD and convert to a high quality anamorphic non DRM'ed wmv file or buy the wmv and strip the DRM as suggested.
No, no. I am talking not about studies. I am talking about a millions of video enthusiasts which rip DVD movies and put films in Rapidshare, speedshare, etc.
The thing is it not used good WMV format when rip DVD, and even DivX/Xvid, MPEG rip with small resolution, low quality
Instead rip in WMV format. You not need studio's, you need rapidshare.
You need the copyright holder's permission if it is going to be legal.

As for why people don't use wmv. Main reason would be that it is from Microsoft. It is also somewhat propritary and the quality isn't that brilliant. Perhaps when there is an alternate VC-1 implimentation than Microsoft's one people might use it more.

All scene releases must be compressed with XviD as are a lot of indipendent releases. If you want to go something else then AVC makes more sense than VC-1.

If you want wmv movies on rapidshare, then you are going to need to rip, encode and upload them yourself.
Wrong. I do not need any copyright holder's permission and other stuff like this. The are millions of full lenghts DVD rip in rapidshare. Just download and watch. The problem is that often there is poor quality rips, plus it ripped to Xvid/Divx/AVI format. I preffer do not install ANY additional codecs, and use default Windows Media Player.(i just need keep PC clean and stable as possible, and various third party codecs stuff will cause problems, sooner or later). WMV provides excellenrt quality, if use 1500 - 1800kbps bitrate(optimally 2000kbps), and 640 x 480 or 480 x 360 res. You can watch full screen without problem. Much better that all this mpegs with small 320 x240 pictures..
Where are you living that it is legal to upload copyrighted movies without the owners permission? Note that I didn't say it wasn't possible, just that it wasn't legal.

If you don't want to install stuff then use mplayer or VLC for playback. No need to install anything (just unpack) and they are self contained(mplayer more so).

Never seen any XviD/mp3 AVI releases that were 320x???. Most are 640x??? or higher. Maybe you should stop downloading random crap from rapidshare?
yes, a lot of DivX/XviD/AVI films were in 320x240 res.
Where do you obtain releases with 640 x 480 and higher res? Is it WMV?
The Da Vinci Code - 576x240
National Lampoons TV The Movie - 576x320
Headspace (2005) - 576x320
Curious George - 592x320
Ice Age The Meltdown *REPACK* - 608x336
The Good Humor Man (2005) - 576x432

Wow, nothing 640x??? released recently.

Say Uncle (2005) - 656x368
007 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) *UE* *UNCUT* - 640x272

That's more like it and no they aren't wmv. No one releases as wmv and I hope they never do.
576x240, 576x320 - it's strange format and looks its stretched in length. Its uncomfortable for an eye. Better format is proportional, like 640 x 480(for viewing in PC). Looks alls this movies copyrighted and come from some 'official' studios/releases. There is really limited assortment, due copyrights. You can get only movies that is offered for you. I need movies, that I want.
The reverse I would say. Not many movies are fullscreen, which is what 640x480 is. 576x240 is 2.4:1 so 2.35:1 aprox. 576x320 is 1.8:1 so 16:9 aprox. Makes much more sense for a movie than 4:3 which to use your phrase is uncomfortable for the eye. Well ok if you did really only have one eye then I guess the world would be more fullscreen. For the rest of us it is closer to wide screen.
my T2 rip has no DRM so screw MS

"Cable thief is a victimless crime."
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