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Any Idea on how to burn VLC to DVD.

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum, not real sure where to post this. I need to turn a VLC file that is to big to fit onto a cd-r into a DVD file so I can burn it to a DVD disk and watch it on a DVD player. Any idea's on where to get a program for this? Thank you very much for your time and info on this matter.
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This has nothing to do with P2P, I'll see if I can get a mod to move this :-D

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Did you mean VCD? Otherwise, I have never heard of VLC except for the player.

Sorry, I missed part of your question when I answered in your other thread.

To reduce the size of the file use DVD Shrink. Then burn with DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn or Nero.

VLC files are the crap you find in some P2P movie downloads.
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