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ms points generator

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i heard there was a generator thatll gen codes for free ms points
1. whats the name
2. what are the chances of gettin in trouble/caught
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Just nerf, plz nerf.
1. Probably Xbox Live Points Generator
2. Every key it makes that is valid and hasn't been used will be called in to Microsoft when someone like me buys the card and it doesn't work because it's used already. I'm suspecting a permanent Xbox live ban and possibly might even get thrown in jail if you're caught using it. And trust me, you will be caught. These keys are stuctured like Windows product keys and microsoft already know about all the "corp" keys for those. Coinsidering xbox live points is a form of "cash", you'd be setting yourself up for some felonys.

Well they did have those 2-Month generators that worked I believe. But I don't know. I don't think those people got banned. But they probably used them for modding in Matchmaking and got banned for that.
Just a quick FYI from my personal experience, repairing PCs all the time.

Whever you read something like:

*Xbox Live Points Generator
*World Of Warcraft 60Day GAME CARD GENERATOR
*PAYPAL money transfer programs
*Credit Card Number/Name Generator

Anyways... (i could go on forever)

Be careful, either it's a virus, or just a stupid program that changes all users to normal users and disables the administrator account (what a pain those are) or you can get in trouble for them.

Just letting you know this is seen a lot, but most of the time it's not worth it.
Pretty much.
well if someone does figure out the name of this program or how i can get this program could you please pm me or send me an IM or email at [] thnx
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virgil edit your email man u will get in trouble also microsot keeps a data base of every transaction but i am sure if a card does not work ppl will take it back to gamestop or call ms and they will tell the person they have already used the points also if u are lucky the card will sit in a box for years and years

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virgil, I sent you two emails

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I heard alot about this little program myself and I dont think its worth geting arrested over more then likly real

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