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How to copy PS2 Games (CD format) with Nero 5 ???

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I know this is somewhere in this forum but i cant seem to find it. In the how to - at the beginning of the forum it tells how to copy ps2 DVD games but nothing about the CD games?? All I wnat to do is back up The regular pS2 CD games using nero 5, then later on I might try the DVD games. Thanks for any help. When I do this I just want to make sure I have all the settings correct.

Terry :)
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Here go to thiz site it tells everything on how to burn a to a cd-r using Nero.

I used this guide to burn my ps2 cd rom games. They worked great.
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If u have the newest version of Nero set the number of retries to 10 because it can only go up to 10.
Thanks for the info DTL :) 2 thumbs up 4 if i had them :) This is exactly what i was looking for.

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no problem. Im here to help. Learning as i go.
A search here at aD would have came up with the link in my signature, which takes you to the thread at the very top of the main PS2 page that states in bold letters
PS2 & Xbox Backup Tutorials & Information
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Im sorry but when i read this tutorial it only gives directions for burning Ps2 CD games with Clonecd & Alcohol 120% the rest was directions for burning DVD. I wanted directions for Nero with the CD based games not DVD.
It's the same thing as DVD, I just haven't updated the tutorial. But to be honest you should use something other than Nero for CD based PS1/PS2 games like CloneCD or Alcohol.

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