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How can i change the region code on psp?

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I have spiderman 2 umd movie,and when i put the movie in the psp,a eror shows up.It says that the region code is incorect.
How can i change the region code?is it possible?
help please!

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nah theres no way to change it. you will have to find the copy of spiderman 2 that was made for your region.
Or downgrade and use another region's upgrade EBOOT to upgrade with.

That doesnt help. I think the region is hard coded into the motherboard because I tried that back in the day with the japanese 2.0 eboot. Still played my US movies.
I think Japan's movies will work w/ US and vice versa b/c when I special ordered my White PSP from China, I got it and it played all movies I had w/o any FW manipulation. I think that is the only way it works tho, (Japan>US, US>Japan) and would explain why your movies still played.

Thats crazy because the only thing they region encode are the UMD Movie. And I used the japanese firmware but was still able to use my US movies. But ya I think the region code is held in the actual motherboard.
yeah hex is right it is held in the motherboard and cant me deleted nore re written they made sure of that in order to protect from piratecy meaning no mater what firmwire it is it wont help so useing a diffrent region umd/firmwire is like trying to get in a car with your house key

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just rip it on to a memory stick or something and fix it up from there.

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Im pretty sure u cant watch movies as an iso. plus tehre would still be the region code coded into the data of the .iso.
yea, but the region code is probably just a text file. And I'm sure you can rip (for example) the Video sampler that came free w/ the PSP. I can't remember, but I swear there's a UMD_DATA and DATA.BIN or w/e it's called. Damn, it's been so long since I've messed w/ an ISO, I forgot what they're called. wow! That sucks. I used to love hacking ISOs.

You could probably hex edit but it might screw with the data and not be able to boot it. But can you even watch a UMD Movie ripped in iso format?
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i play matrix movei us in my jap psp on fw1.5 but when i emulate 2.71 it says region code not recognized

thanx to hodgins for this awesome sig 2.71 downdater tut my devhook .46 tutorial its worth a look
i neva thougt of riping out the region codeing and yeah hex i think you can my boy had ripped my coach carter movie umd before and it actuly booted

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can't you just rip the film and convert it to mp4? maybe not, but im gonna try.
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if your going to do that might as well download a riped dvd dont you think? i mean it would save a lot of time
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