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Razor V3 how to download photos to PC

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I have taken some great photos from the top of the Sears tower in Chicago while on a business trip. I have the correct cable from the phone to the PC USB PORT.
I can not figure out how to download the photos into my PC. It recognizes that the is a new device and says for me to insert the installation CD. I have no CD. Do I have to purchase one for Cingular?
I download photos from my Olympus 400 digital camera with no prblems but can't do the phone. Can some turn me to the right info?
Thank you,

John G
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The easiest thing to do would be to buy the Motorola Phone Tools. During it's installation it will install the correct RAZR V3 drivers. It let's you transfer MP3's (ringtones), pictures, contacts, etc back and forth.

A Cingular store will only carry a $59.99 package which includes the CD and Mini USB cable (rip off bastages). It's $29.99 to order from Motorola:
Myself, I just checked Newsgroups for a couple of days and a copy of the newer version 4 showed up.

The other software package you can by is this one:
I like it as well as Motorola.

You can also use the PK software to move files back and forth - a bit more complicated though but free. This site has some sweet tutorials and a downloads section with all the PK tools.
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Alternatvitvely you can do this:
first of all download this:
Then unzip it, and run it. Then plug your phone in, it should then say "1 device connected" Then it will say new hardware found! When it asks to install drivers click on the one that says do it just click the thing that says you want to do it yourself. Tell it to 'include this folder in the search' give it the folder u unzipped the program to, then click next it will find the drivers, just keep clicking next or yes. When it is done, another driver install window will pop up, keep doing the exact same thing (search in the specified folder) and repeat untill the install driver box stops popping up. [it will install a different driver every time] then goto
and become a memeber then goto the tab: download>software>p2k software
and on that page download:
P2KTools Version by Bezol
then once it is downloaded unzipped and running, run the UID extractor when they are both running. Plug in your phone and wait, then goto the p2k program and click 'refresh' Now you have full access to your phone! including A:\ and C:\ BUT DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING THAT IS ALREADY ON YOUR PHONE, BECAUSE IF YOU ARE A NOOB LIKE MYSELF YOU WILL TOTALLY FUCK IT! anyway that being said you can goto: on p2k software of course!
then drop and drag any music file you want! Or pictures or videos!
PS: i know it is a very long process but trust me it is worth it! and better then any 'included' motorola software!


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