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Does anyone think there will be a naruto game for the wii?
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they better and i hope it is an rpg

likely Im guessing , naruto is blowing up in the U.S. I got all my cousins watchin that show . It aint been here that long and its already hit the U.S by storm so I plan to see lots of games on the series for Sony and N-ten

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yeah i hate cartoon networks naruto but i watch the japaneese verison of naruto on youtube alot.

well I havent seen the japan version I might look into that. most people always say they hate the U.S version of anime but .. I need to understand it and if I just watch the japan version I'd be a fish out of water .really I like the U.S version even though I know its not as bloody which is why I still love the japan style , when I see the whole series in american I will give it a run to see whats missing and what they took out , like dragon ball Z I loved both styles , even though the japanese had more blood sex, humor, and cussing the american version had a style that it didnt and that was the music when the saiyains transformed like vegeta's Super Saiyain theme. man that got me pumped up every time it played ,I also love the voices in american better theres always pro's and cons so I love both styles

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i think i would have like the american version better if that was the first one i watched but i started out watching the japaneese version i tred to switch over but i just hater narutos voice and it just seemed to much like a little 10 year old kids show.
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yeah well his voice is a pain in the ass lol and that believe it gets annoyin you are right well I guess they are making it more of a kids show even though grown ups like myself like it as well as my cousins and he 30 , thats just america though they know that naruto was young so they tried to make it like say a young teen ninja version of DBZ im just glad we got it even the watered down U.S version rocks to me

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yeah im not exactly an adult im 16 but its a kids show to me still love it though


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