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Wii can't play DVDs

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Just read this on gamespot:

Nintendo confirms final version of its next-gen console will only play "12-centimeter optical discs for the Wii console," and it has abandoned original plans for DVD peripheral.
( read more here: )

First i am suprised about this, i wouldn't of thought it would take to much money or effort to enable DVD playback. Now i'm thinking do they come on DVDs at all? "12-centimeter optical discs" their calling them, not DVDs! If their not DVDs then its a good anti-piracy move for them as you won't just be able to use a mod chip and pop in a burnt DVD. Make what you will of this, just spreading the news
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much of the same, this from ign

September 14, 2006 - Nintendo of America's vice president of marketing and corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, confirmed to IGN Wii today that its forthcoming Wii console will not play Hollywood DVD movies. The decision to remove the functionality was made in order to deliver the machine at a cheaper cost and because most people today already own DVD players.

More as it develops.
who cares, i already own a DVD player anyway
It would be cool if it did have a dvd player but I dont really care because I already have three dvd player's and probably going to own four soon because of the ps3.

Not DVD's!! Thats what they said last time. They even made the disk smaller! I bet they are really.
Well I don’t care if they do or not but if the did decide to put a DVD player in I hope it would be good quality but after all the wii is only dollars 250....

Luckily I have some type of dvd player in... about every room of my apartment already.
Yes they are using 12cm DVD discs 1 and dual layer it wont play dvd's as it wont have a player built in who really cares if this was 1997 or 98 you would be pissed of as they would be very rare in homes then but now everyone has at leats one i have 3 in the house

I'm slightly disapponited about it to be honest, i've only got a DVD player on the "main" TV and not one in my room, i use my PS2 to watch DVD sometimes in my room and an disappointed i'm gonna have to go downstairs lol
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I cant complain, I got 6 players in my house. So no need for number 7. Thank You Nintendo for makeing a console that is made to play games. As for the ps360 I have a computer.
It will not play "hollywood" dvd's but the game format is still in dvd right?

Anyways so what? a dvd player at this stage isn't anything...Plus we all knew before this press release the wii wasn't going to play dvd out of the box.If this were 2000/2001 maybe I would give it some attention but lets face it dvd will not be the standard by 2008.Hd-dvd or bluray will be the new standard.

@ofolion hey man they got some great prices now you should check em out.I got me a cheap brand dvd player and it's worked great for the last 6 months!You can even get a good brand for $50...

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DVD player licensing isn't free. I would rather keep the price down than add DVD playing capabilities. Some are already complaining of the $250 launch price, they would be complaining more if that was increased to cover the DVD player licensing. Most people have a DVD player already, where in 2000 with the PS2 launch and the XBox the following year many people did not, so these days it's not as big a selling point as it used to be. That's part of the reasoning to make you buy the remote for the Xbox instead of playing DVDs right out of the box, a big part of the remote cost went to paying the DVD licensing fees.
DVD player licensing isn't free. I would rather keep the price down than add DVD playing capabilities.

Exactly what I was going to say. I would rather have the nintendo Wii to be cheaper because when I buy the ps3 it will cost a lot so I need the nintendo Wii to be as leats expensve as possible.

i agree about cheaper because it can't play DVDs and things tbh, just it would of been nice, i'm not to bothered about it, probably just swap the PS2 plug over if i wanna watch a DVD lol

Are the disc going to be small like he gamecube or are the going to be the size of a dvd?
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It is a 12cm optical disc which according to wikipedia holds 4.7gb single layerd and 8.5 dual layer so its practically a dvd but really not as it wil more then likely be near unburnable with a pc just like the gamecube

Oh ok because thta probably explain's why it can't play dvd's.

Game Cube disks are protected 8cm mini-DVDs. Writable versions are available (and easily atainable from your local tech store) that you can burn Game Cube games on and use in the console if you have a mod chip.

Wii games will be on 12cm standard DVDs with protection, much like PS2 games are.

Even though it wont play movie DVDs out of the box, I hope they still release the DVD hardware addon like was mentioned in these forums before. I'd like to toss my PS2 that I'm using as a DVD player ;)

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Tbh Xbox 360 games are DL DVD and there not burnable by PC unless you do a load of work, the Wii games have to be exactly the same PS2 DVD's are the only one’s that are directly burnable.

So when people say there not technically DL-DVD they are just with security features built in, probably the same as Gamecube mini DVD written in reverse so it screws the PC DVD drive up.

Plus I don't care About DVD I just think the Wii is a brilliant system and I will be buying one I just can't get over the absolute genius of the system.

Probably their will always be some way to burn a disc of any size because poeple always find way's around it. It just takes longer.

Woops double post sorry
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Yea someone will and if no one dose it will be a game that for some unknow reason features a mistake that lets you stream data to the Wii lol.
what is the capacity/size of the 12cm discs?????// w/e
eventually there might be away to play pirated games on wii. the gc had a dvd add-on or somethin to play dvd games on it. how can they be sure nothing like this will happen to play burnt games?
Yo it's not pirating it is making a back-up of the game tha YOU OWN.

Single layer is 4.7gb and dual layer discs are 8.5gb

Does anybody know if it will play cd's and mp3's as it has built in flash memory n a picture viewer n stuff

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