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Saving PS2 Games saves onto usb Flash Drives?

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Is there any known way to save PS2 gamesaves directly onto a usb flash drive? I would rather not buy memory cards if I dont have to, and I have plenty of USB flash drives that I could use

Please let me know if theres any known way of doing this


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If you mean, can you save, while playing a game, to flash drive instead of memory card, then the answer is NO. A PS2 game will always look for a memory card, usually in slot 1.
You could always buy just 1 card, then use AR MAX or Codebreaker to transfer all the saves to flash drive for storage purposes. But you would need to transfer a save back to memory card if you wanted to play a saved game again.

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alright, i just didnt know if there was anyway to trick the ps2 into lettiong me ingame save on it. My friend just gave me his old ps2 and i 'd rather not put any money towards it... lol
what about the ps2 game saves to ps3 hdd???


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Well, you can use the USB memory card adapter.

The PS3 will use the USB adapter to make a virtual memory card on its hard drive. That way PS2 games will see a memory card - having a PS3 does not enable PS2 games to save to a hard drive.
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