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Problem backing up Disney DVD with Shrink

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tobatim Suspended due non-functional email address
I've been encountering errors trying to back up Disney DVD's. Shrink will open the disk but when I try to back it up I get the disk is encrypted or my I/O drive errors...any help? I have the trial of AnyDVD but I don't know how to use it....If you want you can email me direct at

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hi :)
once you have AnyDVD installed it runs automaticly in the background
if you are using Nero as your burn engine post your failed log
can be found here

Nero 6 history log location: Program Files>Ahead>Nero>NeroHistory.txt

Nero 7 history log location: Program Files>Nero>Nero 7>Core>NeroHistory.txt

and remove your e'mail address it's against forum rules

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we cant help if you wont help yourself
RipIt4Me (Freeware) does ALL Disney movies.

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Snce you have AnyDVD intalled, why don't you try using the ripper that comes with it...just

Right click on the redfox in the tray and choose the Rip Video-DVD to HDD choose your source and then your output folder, also check the box to remove any blank or unreferenced cells. Once the video files have been ripped to your HDD just process them thru Shrink (choose open files and go to the VIDEO_TS folder) then burn as you normally would.

Use Anydvd and believe
DVDFab HD Decrypter (free)...

Dont Worry Be Happy:)
hi johnl123 :)

didn't know AnyDVD had that, will give it a try myself

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we cant help if you wont help yourself

The combination of clonedvd2 and AnyDVD usually does the trick for me so I sometimes forget it's even there, but it seems to work well for those problem DVDs.

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Use Anydvd and believe
DVDFab HD Decrypter (free)...

Dont Worry Be Happy:)
tobatim Suspended due non-functional email address
Thanks...I tried using the ripper from AnyDVD and it came up with a read error but I had it continue (ripping to my HDD)but after 2 hours it only had 49.7 mb I aborted. Then I tried it again without deleted empty cells and the same result.

When I used DVDshrink...It did the initial analysis but would not back up to my HDD.

I've got Roxio7 as a burner (got it for free)
I suspect you may have a bad disk (looks like there maybe an issue with reading it), if possible return it and exchange it for another then retry the process.

Use Anydvd and believe
DVDFab HD Decrypter (free)...

Dont Worry Be Happy:)
I just backed up 2 disney movies this weekend, (including the new one "the wild")...

Ran them through DVDfab, then DVDShrink and had no problems.
Tobatim, are you sure you have the latest version of AnyDVD ?

I ran into similar problems a couple of months back but as soon as I got the latest AnyDVD, it worked perfect.
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so far the only one i could not back up was "The Search For Christopher Robin"

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