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Send free mp3 ringtones to your cell phone

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hey guys ok i have a verizon razr v3m and i've been wanting to get free ringtones on my phone for a while. Well, a friend told me about this site and it actually works. This works for cingular, at&t, verizon, and t-mobile.

1. Ok first send the mp3 to yourself via email
2. Download it again, but hit save to disk, then where it says mp3 format sound, change that to all files, and then add .mid to the end of the mp3 name
3. Go to (Copy and Paste) and hit browse
4. Select the ringtone (It should think it is a mid file
5. Type in your number
and hit send

This is totally legit, they dont send you spam or sign you up for some crappy list where they send u crap ringtones every month and then charge you for it

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its a bit sus, but its easier just to copy the songs useing mpt

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I would love to use some of my own music from my CD's as ring tones on my phone. The only mp3's I have are on my ipod, I rip my cd's to my computer and then when I connect my ipod it collects the music and stores it in the ipod so I have no experience making mp3's. Didn't know if there is a way that I can create a ring tone from my cd's, does anyone know how to do this and what program I would need to convert music and what format I should save it and send it as? Also I don't know how to cut the song to a short 15-20 second version to send to my phone. I have a verizon razr v3m.
any one know waht happened to simple ring tone maker? it was the greatest sorry to see it leave
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