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Hey everyone
just wondering if anyone thinks it will be possible to put a downloaded GBA, N64, or NES rom on my 1.0GB SD card (which Wii supports) and then load it or run it off the card on the Wii

if not that would be fuckin sweet

peace out

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Not without some sort of mod or hack.Nintendo plans on making money off of old titles by allowing you to download them for a price(the virtual console).For this simple reason I seriously doubt they would allow such an idea.

True it would be sweet ,but unfortunately I don't see it happening :(

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Out of the box? Definately not.. but there will be a hack eventually.

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Lol I did make it sound as if there would be no hack eh?

I should correct myself there will be as cantide said hacks and mods.I think they will even come much faster then the other systems.
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pc games with gamepad support by tycobb.
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