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WinRAR problem: "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

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I'm using WinRAR 3.61 trial version and faced following problem.

I have a few torrents that contain files like DVDR.part001.rar, DVDR.part002.rar etc.

When I try to extract files, I get:" DVDR.part001.rar: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

I have tried all files that came with the torrents. Result is the same.

Can all those torrents be corrupted, or problem in my computer?
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well youre not allowed to tell us you are using torrents. its piracy. but i would go ahesad and recommend to get the REAL version of WinRAR (same way u download all the rest of your stuff) and its very possible the u either downloaded a bad file ( the person that put it up there didnt put the whole thing up there or something) or u didnt finish downloading it all.

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how is it possible that the uploader did not put the whole thing? Also how is it possible that he didn't finish downloading? All BT clients rename incomplete files with a special extension. eg: Bitcomet uses .bc! (so the filename would be DVDR.part001.rar.bc!)

I suggest you download just the corrupted file (DVDR.part001.rar) again. If you are using torrents for quite some time, you should know how to do this, or just PM me to ask. Whatever rar file you open, read the error message. I guess each rar file gives the error about the same file. They are linked to each other, so when you open any other one, it starts extracting from the first file, it the first is OK, then it goes to the second one and so on.
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