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zelda, how much better on wii?

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i heard that the same disc will be compatable with both wii and gamecube, if this is the case will the game be better on wii, upscaled at all? or are they making two different versions where of course the wii disc will be of higher quality?
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it's the same except for tailored Wii controls and possible wiiconnect24 updates. it's also in Progressive scan in 16:9. I think those are the only differences.
That and the launch date.
but the build is the same

If you like zelda, this is THE game to buy, regardless of whether you have a cube or a wii.
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yea but the thing is i wanted to buy the wii just for the purpose of zelda being better on it, thats why i bought my gamecube, well besides metroid, then re 4 when it came out.
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