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Few Wii related questions for anyone ITK

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Alright guys? Just pre ordered my Wii today, hopefully will get it around release date, just a few questions...

1. With the console bundle (Wii Sports etc) will it come with the traditional SNES style control pad and the new Nunchucks + remote? or just one of the two?

2. The old NES, SNES and N64 games available, how will you access these? Is there a hard drive to store them, and will they be free?

3. Anyone got any inside info on a possible release date for Mario Kart?

I am an absolute novice to this scene, so treat any text above this with great sympathy and understanding, cheers.
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1. The console comes with a Wii controller and the Nunchuk attachment. It is bundled with Wii sports. It does not come with the classic controller.

2. Virtual Console games are not free, they well cost you "Wii points". You purchase cards at your video game store with Wii points on them ($20 for a 2000 Wii point card)
NES games will run you 500 Wii points, SNES games are 800, and n64 games are 1000. No news yet on genesis and turbografx prices.
I am still slightly confused as to how storage is going to work on the Wii, but as I understand it games will be fully downloaded and stored on either the built-in 512 flash memory or a memory stick you would have to purchase separately.

3. Nope.

for more info, visit these sites:
Everything that oofrome is correct and i didnt no the last one i thought you would have to use a creadit card or charge it to your phone bill but thats mad no fuss just go to the sitore n buy a card
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