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paper mario 3?

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lol! wouldn't it be funny and nice at the same time if they made a paper mario 3 for the wii?
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They're sorta working on it, it's called super paper mario, and there is a BREIF screenshot in the "wii montage" which you can find on

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I think.
I dont care LOL, i never really liked paper mario a bit I played the one on gamcube i dont no whats it called paper mario thousand year sumtin or sutin else it had ok gameplay but i hated the graphics of it not cause its a 2D game no doubt i love 2D games like super mario but this one i hated the paper effect likle being able to scrunch your self up when going down the green pipes,LOL
I have seen screenshots of the new one looks different cause it has like 3D/2D type of effect hard to explain but you are in a 3D envioriment but everything is 2D
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