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Bypassing the WEP security code on WiFi connections!!!

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I hate it when ppl say "oh Starbucks or Borders has free internet". then when u go to those places its got a WiFi connection but its allways blocked with a WEP password protection or all u can do is go to there stupid T-moble website or somthing. Is there a way to bypass the WEP security or maybe there might be an alternet route to browsing the internet at those places???
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Sure there are ways but that would be called "HACKING" and if you get caught then say hello to big AL as he will wipe your tears away.

You would have better luck war driving.
Yeah theres a easy way to get those WEP keys especially at Starbucks... you buy a cup off coffee. Doesnt even have to be expensive. A small plain whatever for like $2.00 and im sure you will be given a WEP key then if you ask.

"Some people have no damn sense." - Nephilim, March 27 2007 @ 18:08
It is possibe. But its stealing. Seriously its not worth the risk in any way!


Ooo forgot to say that some of the smaller internet hotspots like airlines and such usually arnt very thoughtfull of what they put the admin account under. Ive got onto one internet connection as admin and passowrd: password But that wasnt soo much wep its the sign in!

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