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how to burn SFV files to a cd

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I downloaded a PS2 game called Lego Star Wars and it's in SFV file.i just wanted to know how to burn it to a cd.and will it play in my playstion

kyle henderson
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This cannot be done with DVD Rebuilder.

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An SFV file is only a file verification program it does not contain the image in it. It should have RAR files with the SFV file. The SFV file is a verification that you run to make sure you have the correct RAR files and they are complete. You extract the PS2 game from the RAR files making an Image file (ISO/IMG) Use WinRAR to extract the RAR files.

After the image file is extracted then burn the image to CD/DVD whatever format the PS2 game is in.

But as said above this has nothing to do with DVDRebuilder.
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