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dvd drive wont work pioneer dvd-rw dvr-106d

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I try to play a burnt dvd in my dvd and it wont work anymore i can still burn dvds but if i put one in it wont work its a pioneer DVD-RW dvr-106d i tried to upgrade the firmware and it wont even let me it says error anyone know what to do it always used to read burnt dvds thanks it will play and write cds it can burn dvds using AnyDVD and it can burn dvds from a file it just cant play burnt ones and it used to be able to
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There isn't ANY punctuation in that post. How do you expect people to gelp you if they are you of breath by the time they have read it!

As for your problem, try going to Hardware Manager and unistalling your drive. Then reboot and Windows will auto find it again and install.

Also, just to clear somthing up; your drive will burn, but not read, yes?

yes it will write but not read sorry about the a teen i use shortforms because i use msn...and i've tried to uninstall it and then put it back on same thing though it still won't read burned dvds
Ok, well I'm 15 and also use MSN but hey. :)

Anyway as for your problem, I dont think it is a laser problem as otherwise it shouldnt burn disks.
What type of media are these burns on?
When did you do the burns...time wise?
And what speed did you burn at?
What drive do you have btw...?

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I am having the exact same problem-it just started. Did anyone find an answer?
Well answer my above questions and we might be able to help you out. :)

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I'm using Memorex DVD-R 16x media, burned at Max speed (16x). The weird thing is-I've used this same drive for several years and all of sudden, it decides to only burn the DVDs and not read them. It's a Sony Vaio computer (4 years old) I've tried to uninstall and reinstall, and it doesn't work.
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Oops, DVD can only burn at 4X...
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Burner is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D. There are no driver upgdates available and I tried to use different ones, but they didn't work. It's version 5.1.2535.0.
i have the same problem n my computer is also a vaio
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The DVD can be read by other computers, but I need this computer to read it. Do I have to go out and buy a new burner? I've read a lot of complaints on this particular one.
Ok well for a start Memorex media is rubbish. However in this case I can't put it down to that becos it is such a common problem...

I do not know what to suggest rly, I don't think it is the laser as it is still burning and not reading...

All I can suggest at the mo is if your PC's are still under warranty then you take it back to Sony...

Sorry guys...

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Thanks anyway...guess I'll be doing some shopping. It's a total mystery to me!
i have the same problem n my computer is also a vaio . :(

Sony Vaio VGN B100B

>>> MS <<<
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