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Add own music NFS Most Wanted

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Is there any way to add your own music to NFSMW?
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well i know theres a custom track software for gtalcs and i know there is a software where u cn play ur own music on any game i also want to find out how to play ur own tracks whilst playing a game as it will save me for posting a thread

soz iv neva double posted
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here i found this guide on how to play your own music on any game. Which includes you NFSMW

Get Atrac3 codec and Goldwave v5.10 Audio editor from

Atrac 3 Codec:-

GoldWave v5.10:-

1. Install codec first
2. Install Goldwave program
3. Open the program and browse to any music file you have
4. Open a music file track any format .wma .mp3 etc…
5. it will generate a wave pattern much like the Nero wav editor
6. Click save as

A. Choose a Filename that you prefer
B. under the save as type - drop down and choose Wav (should be the first choice)
C: under Attributes go to the bottom of the list and choose
one of the following (the top one)

- ATRAC3 66kbps STEREO
-ATRAC3 105kbps STEREO
-ATRAC3 132kbps STEREO

Then click save
8. It will generate a .wav file that will not play under windows media player but this program will play it…
9. Rename it to .at3 and you have a psp compatible .at3 file…
10.. In order to listen to an .at3 file from a game rename the extension to .wav and open in prog then play

If you are confident enough you could create your own and use to replace .at3 files in games i.e. Wipeout, AT3 et al and believe me it works

What i suggest you do is call your .wav files when saving in goldwave as 1.wav , 2.wav etc.. Once you have 37 tracks of your own choice made into valid at3 files with the .wav extension you can edit the dummy.bat file in notepad.. Copy all music files names 1.wav, 2.wav 37.wav to same folder as the ATV game you are about to rip..

Edit the .bat file like this for e.g. in the case of ATV


so you are changing just the small.at3 to 1.wav, 2.wav 3.wav etc…
To make it easier to edit replace - small.at3 with 1.wav then replace all.. Then just go down and change the numbers 1 to 37…

REMEMBER you don’t have to put 37 tracks in you can put less and leave the small.at3 to replace some tracks…

(Also in the options of the music files you are able to choose which files you wish to play in the game and turn others off, so you could play all music you replaced and switch off the ones that are still dummied)

Hope this helps….


All new games will require you to use this method as they may not be compatible:-

Here's how to do it :

1. extract the ISO
2. find where the music folder is
3. convert your MP3's to Wav format using any other audio converter you have then using 'exact audio copy PSP edition' or 'SonicStage' create a PSP Compatible audio file. In the case of exact audio copy rename the extension .toc to whatever file you are replacing
4. replace the music files with your tracks, making sure you keep the original filenames that are in the game!
5. Rebuild the game using VcdromX
6. Play and enjoy!

I have only tested this with burnout but my theory is that codemasters tool convert music to a universal PSP sound format, so this should work for any game.


Make Mp3s that can be placed in the Music folder of your PSP. I believe you can use the 'exact audio' method and 'SonicStage' to create a smaller audio file which you can rename to .mp3 and place in you PSPMusic folder ..

Get Exact Audio Copy from the codemasters website and SonicStage can be found at

thanks for the guide, but do you know how I would make a psp file with sonicstage?
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