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PLZ Help what is the best P2p program to get e books?

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i have tried many such as Emule it's good but not sufficient ,,
So plz if u have any suggestions tell me
if there's also any torrent sites or blogs tell me ..

bytheway i'm talking here about books in general and scientific in particular.

Thanx all in advance =)

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I actually recently stumbled into a HUGE recourse of eBooks' PM me & I'll be more than happy to share with you it.

Anyways, I sugest you learn bit torrent, then doors will open to everything you'd ever want.. :-)

I belive its the only way to file share, due to:

*Superior Speeds
*Superior privacy
*Superior Selections

Firstly, you require a Bit Torrent client to be able to use BT protocol to file share, install one of the following:

All of theese will do the same thing, there are slight difference however that set the other apart, which ever one you decide to
use is OK.




ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client]


After you have chosen your client, you now of course have to endeavor into BT file-sharing, on the bellow trackers, you will be able to find huge selections of .torrent files you can download with your BT client and run in order to create a peer-to-peer link and aquire your file.

Some good plublic BT tracker's:

You'll find the best stuff at private trackers, theese sites are invite only usually, you need to receive an invite from someone on the inside to gain membership,WARNING You are not allowed to ask for invites at AfterDawn.Com.

Stick with public trackers (for now) , the list of them goes on really, once you've installed your client, just search for what you want in any of those sites and download the .torrent file, TomMelee's BT Bible will weed out any other answers you need, it explains everything you need to know in easily dijestable form, you can download his guide from here:

TomMelee's BT Bible 1.2

That should cover everything needed for you to start using BT, theres plenty of other torrent guides and good threads regarding BT and other means of file sharing:

AfterDawn P2P forums

They will provide a great source of information for you to get yourself in the know.

Check out this guide for ways to make yourself safe wilst using BT:

:::::::::::::::::Rav009s Bit Torrent Privacy And Safety Guide:::::::::::::::::

Best of luck.


Yours Truly; Rav
BitTorrent Safety Guide:
Free Security Software:
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1st of all I'd like to thank u about ur effort .
but to tell u the truth torrents is not good when u try to get a rare scientfic book .
And to b specific now i want a particular book
(Chemistry S.S Zumdahl ,S.A Zumdahl ) any ed. is ok but it will b cool if it's the 6th ed.
i know that it's kinda weird to ask about that book in this forum but i'm hoping to get anyhelp cause it's v.important to me to get this book ...

And thanks again Rav009 =)

haha we just sold that book on girlfriend had that class last year. We shipped it to Australia of all places.

The BT Bible 1.2, no longer hosted on rapidshare!:,com_vfm/Itemid,54/

Static? Dynamic? What's wrong with your torrent? Tweaks? Fixes? Troubleshoots? All that and more...
TomMelee .....
Thanx for this GREAT contribution...

You're welcome.

BTW---nobody's going to give you a link to pirated material. Check out the rules---they're stickied. :)

The BT Bible 1.2, no longer hosted on rapidshare!:,com_vfm/Itemid,54/

Static? Dynamic? What's wrong with your torrent? Tweaks? Fixes? Troubleshoots? All that and more...
Thanks a lot, man. This really helps.
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