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wii controllers?

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i read that some wii games will support the old gc controller. would u use the gc controller, the nunchucks, or the "classic" controller.
personally, i would use all 3, with exception to some games that require better controles
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I'm pretty sure there's no GC compatibility, there COULD be but im pretty sure there's not, and the classic controller is a revamped version of the NES controller
the gamecube controllers can only be used for when u are playing cube games. the wii controllers can be used only for wii games that how it is going to be. another thing cube memory card can be used for only cube games
well i read that for supersmash bros brawl, it said the u SHOULD use the old gc controller for better performance. but u could also use the wii contorllers

Basically, Smash Bros Brawl is still on track to be played with a GCN controller.

the wii-mote can be turned sideways to be the NES controller.
the classic controller is a SNES controller with two analog sticks, to be used for retro games, virtual console games, and select wii games that developers decide not to use the wii-mote for.
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im guessing n64 would go in with either the wii-mote or the snes contoller with analog?
classic controller, yes.
I doubt that the final version of super smash brothers brawl will run of a Gamcube controler imagine if you didnt own a gamecube and you had a wii and wanted to play the game at the best you can and you need a gamecube controler there you go gamecube controler would be rare then but if it weren still buyable then 90au for the game and 45au for the controler or in us dolars 50 for the game and 30 for the gamecube controler.

P.S will someone please vote on my poll which i worked on its in the wii general discussion, and the wii board has gone very stale over the past 6-7 days i see about 10posts a day max i will try and create more threads to make things run smooth here again

yo that is off the hook homies thanks for the info man peace
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