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How to create .vob files and video TS folders from mpeg?

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I have an mpeg file that I want to convert to files that pgcedit can open and then burn to a dual layer disc. What software can I use to do this, and what is the procedure?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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ReJig will do it:

Here's another free program:

It's pretty simple with ReJig. Press 'File Mode' , Add your mpeg and Demux. When it's finished, close that box and then select DVD Author. Add the video and audio files you've just created , choose an output and click Create.
The process MPEG --> video_ts.ifo + video_ts.bup + VOB set [vts_01.bup/.ifo/_0#.VOB] is named 'authoring'.

I use IFOEdit, too (Thanks, The command is DVD Author__Author new DVD.
The only thing you need to do to demultiplex the video from the audio, first (MPG = MPV + MPA).
IFOEdit uses only elementary streams (video and/or audio).
Read my 'sticky' thread [ ], if interested.

Please note: MPV (mpeg video) is named M2V (mpeg 2 video).

Or it exist also the commercial DVD Lab, which enables you to 'author' SVCD and VCD movies, too.
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