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How to make many .rar files to 1 ISO?

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Hi all.

I downloaded Starwars Battle front 2 then i go to the download map and see many .rar files so i used UMDgen on it and it don't work after that i tried to extract them all but it needed a pass well i founded the password by luck and extracted them when it extracts the 2th file it shows overwriting the other files that were extracted by the 1st .rar file so i pressed yes to all and after all the .rar files were extracted i used UMDgen again but it don''t works can someone explain or help me i got PSP 1.50 firmware and freeloader 0.7

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ow and that image are all the .rar files that i downloaded with the torrent
right click one of them and hit extract here. itll extract the iso from all the files. make sure not to extract the iso tho becuz WinRAR recognizes isos and will play the WinRAR icon over them.
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and what must i do after that?
put the iso into the iso folder on ur psp.
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after i extract it with WinRAR i get a map and when i open this map i get a few unknown files

Ill get this when i extract one of the rar files:

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to enlarge click it
right click any of the files and hit open with. point it to WinRAR then when the WinRAR screen opens up hit the extract button.
Yeah i remembered that too.

Just open one of the rar files.. then there has to be a rar file again right? That's the ISO.. Extract it to your ISO folder wich is on your root of your PSP's memory stick :D


im here.
extracting it to your psp would take a while to do. its easier and faster to extract it to you PC somewhere on the HDD and then transfer it to the psp.
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Yeah just extract it to desktop then onto your ISO folder of your ms.
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