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How to watch multiple divx files on one disc?

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Hello, I hope someone can help. I have quite a few dvd-+rs/cd-rs with multiple DivX files on'em. The problem is every time I play'em, I can only watch the first one. After the first one is done, it goes back to the root folder where only the one I just got through watchin is displayed. So my question is how can I watch the others? I'd appreciate anyone's input on this, thx.

P.S. I have 3 different DivX-compatible dvd players and the result is the same on each one.
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No problems here. Burn multiple files all the time as iso data and they show up on the player's file browser just fine.

Perhaps you are talking about multisession discs? Burn a single closed session and avoid UDF.
I don't use a burnin app when it comes to DivX files. I basically just drag the files to the blank disc in D: as if I were archivin them. When I pop it into the dvd player only the first one is displayed for playback in the root folder.

So are you sayin that I have to burn the disc as an iso with say Nero or a similar burnin app in order for all the files to appear in the file browser and be available for playback? If that's the case, what steps do I need to take? Do I just choose CD-ROM (ISO) or DVD-ROM (ISO) and leave every other option as is?
Which one is preferable? DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) or DVD-ROM (ISO)? What's the difference? What about the settings? Do I leave'em as default or do I have to alter somethin under one of the tabs?
Hi there, I have the same problem with multiple AVI files on a DVD and playing them in a DivX supported DVD player. It only plays the first movie. I burned them with Nero 7, created a multisession and burned the first movie. The next day I added 3 or 4 movies but I can only play the first movie. (using the menu button on the DVD-player it displays a winexplorer like view with a folder and only the first movie, the next button is also not working (suggesting there is only one file) (there are no folders on the disc and all the files appear when played on a PC and work properly)) I looked around on the internet but it is hard to find a solution. (everyone is talking about multiple DVD-movies on a single DVD but that is not the problem). I think the problem lies in adding files using the burn software. Maybe there is a kind of format that must be used to make it work on a non-pc like DVD-player.

I hope someone has the answer (if I find something I'll post it here!! ;) )

Thanks in advance,

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