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whats the best DVD compressor software at the mo?

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Happy to pay for a good program, but whats the best one out there. Using free ware at the moment, but happy to pay up if it cuts my waiting time drastically.

Any advice welcomed
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Wahat program you using? Cuz if its DVD Shrink you'll have pretty much the fastest ripper/compression tool available. Sow hy pay when you can get it free!!


ok, the one i use just now is IFOEdit, but 4-8 hrs is too long these days, especially when i have a good, fast PC.

Would you rate DVD Shrink better then the likes of DVD2One or DVDXCopy?

dont know any of the progs here, so advice is gratefully received

Myself I prefer DVD2One over DVD Shrink. I see fewer signs of compression on my back up discs. I do use DVD Shrink for my episodal discs. It does a great job with those.

But as Chris pointed out DVD Shrink is free.

All the bruning info you need to start is here:

DVD Shrink all the way! till you get to BIG files then DVD Decryptor and dvd2one

then Nero!

Nothing here to see, move along folks.

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Dvd Shrink comparable to DVDXCopy? That is like saying is a jet fighter comparable to a biplane...No contest (unless of course you are really anal about the quality).

I personally prefer DVD Shrink.

Some claim that DVD2One is faster than shrink, but I don't know about that.

As some have said, It's give it a whirl...
If you want the best quality compressor, use Cinema Craft Encoder Lite (CCE).

It's the best by far.

You will also need other software such as authoring, (I use Spruce Up).

The overall process is more complex, but ....... The difference in quality is noticable.

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DVD Shrink is easy to use, free, and for me no problems. I have DVDxCopy but all I find myself using these days is DVD Shrink. As for the quality, I have a 48" mitsubishi and I cant tell any difference, even when compressed to 30%.
Its too hard to compare all these programs isnt it! DVD Shrink has a big advantage being free but I still like DVD2One, i bought it when it first came out, have been updating and I dont have problems with it!
Funny, I don't think there is an actual best - tough between DVD2One and DVD Shrink......

I would download DVD Shrink (as it is free) and run some trials using the link

Then if your happy, your good....

I am like Ken0042, I use DVD2One for all my JUST movie processes, as it is simple and works well....and use DVD Shrink for episodal discs....

Anyway, some prefer DVD2One and some prefer DVD Shrink - but I reckon there will be a new unknown one pop into the market real soon and maybe put the others to shame.....

Like a complete package - rip/strip/encode compress/divx/xvid/author/burn/image etc etc - the works......

...............PIO is no go, DMA all the way...............
Beware of the Pixies - they move in over night and turn your life upside down

Well I cant wait to see what is next I mean over the past few months look how many new progs we have seen, i mean, how much more easy could it be? lol
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NO its not dvd stink or dvd 2 one , the best software is definitely CLONEDVD !
CloneDVD is nice yes :-) i havent gone fully into it yet though, too lazy to see it at its full potential!
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Tried CloneDVD to copy a DVD ... got an error that the disk couldn't be copied coz it's protected/encrypted.....why bother with this program if it won't do what the name suggests ??????
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you still have to use dvd decryper first dummy !
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figured that out now after reading on this forum for 2 hours... :)

Just bought my Sony 510A and i quickly wanted to copy one of my dvd's to see if it worked.... Gonna try again later tonight ! After reading all these guides it should work !
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1,put dvd in pc,
2,start dvd decrypter
3, click edit the select all
4, click the dvd to hdd icon at the bottom,
this will take around hald an hour, than it will play a wee tune and say its finished,
close dvd decypter,

6, start CloneDvd
7,choose option one for no menus or extras
or option 2 to keep them in,
8, click next then browse for the file that DVD Decrypter made, it will be in my computer /c & it will usually be the name of the movie click that and then click the TS folder in it,
9, click next, then unclick any forign audio streams that MAY be clicked ( usssualy not though) then click next, this will produce a folder on your desk top (or wherever u tell it to go )this folder contains the movie wich has been comressed enough to fit on a blank dvdr,
this will take about 40 mins,
10, click ok, then back and bakc again to the start of CLONEdvd, this time click the bottom option, write existing data, make dvd writer as your output method then click go,making sure that the path is right for the video ts folder, it will take 15 mins on a 4 speed dvdr, and the quality is excellent,
I always take the menus and extras out as it makes sure the movie quality is spot on,
I know this seems a lot to learn but once you have done it once or twice you will see thatits a peice of piss. !

That is the whole point of cloneanydvd i take it?? so that clonedvd can copy any disc? is that all?
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No Dela, it compresses it and gives you a 100% copy (CLONE) every time no loss !
and all on one dvdr,
also the interface is much more user friendly than stink or DVD2One and it gives you a preview window making it simple to see exactly what you are keeping and what you are not,
it blows everything else out the water !
geez all i heard was cloneanydvd was used to bypass region protection, lol, r u completely sure??? because i dont want to buy it if you're not lol!
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Actually i have clonedvd, if you read back up you will see that i asked what cloneanydvd is for. Oh and btw, cracks mate??? im well aware of what they are but u should read the rules! lol
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so sack me !

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lol, i cant sake u man, ;-) just lettin ya know cause the mods and admins like nothing better than banning ppl the evil ba... ermm guys ;-)
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