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s-video to bypass macrovision protection

I wish I had done some more web research on the net for
macrovision protection before I bought my dvd recorder combo. However
I did not know that the eurpean video tape porn that I bought was
going to be protected.

However I now have a question that you most likely would know the answer to.
The question is,
The dvd recorder combo has an s-video output.

My Notebook has an s-video output unfortunately only.

In the shop today I saw a external TV tuner card with an s-video input.

So the man in the shop said I would be able to view both digital &
analog video.
1. How do I know this card will not have any protection software or
hardware inside? and also my notebook once I press record ?

2. What specifications, If I did buy this tv tuner card would I have
to have so that I would not get any lag, or un-off syncrinisation with sound ?

I have asked this question to about their new tv
external usb device but they have not answered yet...
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