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Help Combining Split Winrar Files

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Hi. I recently downloaded a WinRAR file in 18 seperete parts, and now I need to combine all of these. Now I was under the impression that all you needed to combine the file was to extract them all at the same time, but when I tried this, after the first file had extracted, I was asked whether I wanted to overwrite the previous file when extracting this one. It said this each time, and when the final part had been extracted, I looked at what should have been the combined file, but it was just the last part of the file rather than the whole file.

So what I want to know is, how do I combine all of these seperete parts of the file from each of the seperete WinRAR archives into one complete file.

Thanks in advance

Magnus D
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Anyone? This is really urgent.

Magnus D
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You might have a scene release because they are packed, zipped, and rared a hundred different ways, so extracting them is a long, annoying process. Drag and highlight all 18 archives, right click and select "extract to ..." (The ... is a new folder where the new extracted files will go usually named with letters that associate with your file). Open the new folder and highlight the new archives and extract them as before (If it asks your if you want to replace an existing file, select "Yes to All"). That will either create yet another set archives or you will finally have your fully assembled files. If you get archives, repeat the previously mentioned process or highlight all archives, right click and the time select "extract here" until you get your final files.

I hate that they are packed this way but that's the scene for you so rules are rules! Hope this helps!
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