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How to shrink an AVI to fit on DVD-R

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Greetings, I want to shrink an AVI to fit on a DVD-R without loosing the quality. I was told by someone I don't know (so I am not in a position to ask him how to do it) that DVD Shrink is the perfect tool for this. I have downloaded it but I can't figure it out, the help file doesn't work (just opens my FLV player for some strange reason) so I can't find out that way, and from my own experimentation, I'm begining to get the feeling that i have been given a bum steer and the programe does not shrink AVI's at all. Can anyone confirm or deny this, and if the former, perhaps suggest a programe that will do it.

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DVDShrink doesn't handle the AVI format, you can convert the AVi's to DVD with VSO's ConvertXtoDVD and then use DVDShrink to shrink & burn it;

You can download this from here:

Download ConvertXtoDVD

You may also find this of use:

ConvertXtoDVD AfterDawn guide

The free version leaves a watermark (small icon saying VSO Software) in the corner, if purchased
this will go away, IMO this is the best tool for the job & is a great investment.

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Or you can use the old version DivXtoDVD which is completely free. Not as good though.

Thanks guys, should have come to you first.
AVI files are already compressed. I use Nero 7 DVD, Make or Modify DVD option to make DVD's with chapters, custom Menus that will actually play on any of my free standing DVD players. If you are doing TV shows with the AVI format you can buy a DVD player that will play DivX (same as AVI) - I just bought a Toshiba from Cosco for 44 bucks but haven't tried it yet. Anyway you don't shrink AVI's. Jack
Yeah, another option is use Nero Vision Express to transcode and burn @ once.

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