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Hello Guys, I have 2 PCs and yesterday i baught 2, Gigabit ethernet card to connect them together, i have everything i need, cable crimper rj45 etc... i need a guide on how to connect the wires inside the cable, cross cable or staight cable? and how? remember i'm not using any swith, hub or router, if there's an illustrated guide with pictures on how to make the cable, i'll appreciate if you post the link. THANKS.
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you could pick up a 25 ft crossover cable for less than a seven dollars US and it would save you a lot of hassle. just use the Windows networking wizard to connect them.

You Know what the problem is? no, guess not, i live in Lebanon (That's in the middle-east btw if you don't know), here they don't sell ready to use cables, you have to buy the cable alone, the jacks etc... And i think the wire configuration of the gigabit ethernet is different from the 100Mbit, you know why? because i already made a usual cable but it's working only 100Mbit, and not 1000.
if you can shop online, there's lots of internet stores (like that sell jacks to go onto the end of an ethernet cable to make it a crossover cable. very cheap and convenient, and they can be used on any ethernet cable you might find yourself with. they are a good alternative to messing with the wiring in your cable.

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