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Quintessential Player won't play songs DL'd by Imesh...

Yea... for some reason Quintessential Player, QCD, won't play any files downloaded by Imesh... Another thing is, they aren't showing up in my download directory when I manually search for them thru My Computer> D:> Porgram Files> Ares> My Shared Folder.

And yes, I do have my Ares Shared folder as my download directory for Imesh.

when I choose to "load file or folder" with QCD and add my shared folder, the songs downloaded in Imesh appear in the list, but have a playback time of 0:00 and if played, they skip to the next song in the playlist that wasn't downloaded by Imesh...

WTF? They are on my computer, but won't play in anything other than Imesh? The only thing I can think of is that they download a link-ish thing and when u click to play thru Imesh it streams but that would be amazingly stupid!

Anyone help!

Edit> I think its just a problem with WMA's... but WMA files are supposed to be supported... but they play on Windows media player... This boggles my mind :S
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