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Rip any DVDs with RipIt4Me + DVD Shrink + ImgBurn full guide for newbies

I know my buddy "Arnie" has already designed a quick RipIt4Me reference guide already,
but I'm going to add DVD Shrink + ImgBurn (to make it an all FREE tools guide) for newbies or those that needed helps.

RipIt4Me (DVD Decrypter + FixVTS) + DVD Shrink + ImgBurn full guide

NOTE: This guide is specifically designed to backup the DVDs that you owned only.

A big “thanks” goes out to the author behind RipIt4Me. It is definitely one of the best ripper beside
DVDFAB Decrypter in my opinion. In addition, it rips fast, easy to use and best of all; RipIt4Me is totally FREE.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use RipIt4Me to rip any DVDs in combo with DVD Decrypter and FixVTS, the basic steps of transcoding DVDs with DVD Shrink and burning the ISO image with ImgBurn.

This guide will cover:
• RipIt4Me & FixVTS installation
• RipIt4Me Settings
• Running RipIt4Me
• Ripping the DVD with DVD Decrypter
• Processing the ripped files with FixVTS
• Transcoding the backup (ripped files) using DVD Shrink
• Burning the ISO image with ImgBurn

RipIt4Me installer (including FixVTS)
• or FixVTS homepage
DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink
• ImgBurn

NOTE: Before running RipIt4Me, you need to install both DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink on your system first.

STEP 1: RipIt4Me & FixVTS installation

click on RipIt4Me Installer to run

STEP 1.1: RipIt4Me Settings

Launch RipIt4Me.

Click on Logs/Settings, then Preferences.

Make sure all paths are set up via RipIt4Me correctly.
NOTE: if using Win XP, set “Copy IFOs” to Use SPTI. I’m using XP Pro and this is what I used.

STEP 2: Running RipIt4Me

Now insert the original DVD into the drive.

Choose 1-Click Mode. You can choose Wizard Mode if you want to, but I prefer 1-Click Mode.

Target directory for DVD files is where RipIt4Me is going to rip the DVD and put them in there once it’s done. You can manually create a Folder and a sub VIDEO_TS for the Target, then use “square icon” to browse and locate your created Folder or you can simply use RipIt4Me’s “default” as shown on the picture.

Since I created a Folder and a sub VIDEO_TS for myself, I’m going to locate my folder now. Once the VIDEO_TS is selected, click OK.

Click Next to continue.

Now RipIt4Me is running, shortly DVD Decrypter should kick in and starts to rip.

STEP 2.1: Ripping the DVD with DVD Decrypter

Sit tight and relax, DVD Decrypter is ripping the DVD now, it should be done shortly.

Now DVD Decrypter is done ripping.

STEP 2.2: Processing the ripped files with FixVTS

FixVTS should fire up right after DVD Decrypter is done. Now FixVTS is processing and cleaning any left over junks. Just wait, it should be done approximately around 5 minutes.

That’s it, RipIt4Me (including DVD Decrypter + FixVTS) has successfully ripped the DVD. Now it is safe to continue to transcode with DVD Shrink.

STEP 3: Transcoding the backup (ripped files) using DVD Shrink

NOTE: once FixVTS is done processing, DVD Shrink should kick in and do a quick Analysing.

NOTE: untick the AC3 2-ch English to gain more quality. All you really need is the AC3 5.1-ch English.

Click Backup!

Click on Target Device then arrow down and choose your Target options. I prefer DVD Shrink to import my finished ISO or VIDEO_TS into my hard drive instead of “auto burn” with either DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn or Nero.

NOTE: in order to auto burn with Nero, DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn, you need to have them installed on your system.

Use the Browse button to locate your "Target folder" if you’ve created one from the hard drive manually. Or you can simply use DVD Shrink’s default.

I highly recommend using this Quality Settings option to “Deep Analysis + Compress video with high adaptive error compensation + Max Smooth.
This will take longer, but DVD Shrink will definitely produce better quality on your backup.
When ready, click OK to continue.

Now DVD Shrink is Analysing.

Again, just sit tight and relax, DVD Shrink has begun it’s 2nd phase (actually it’s transcoding now.)

Finally, DVD Shrink is completed and imported my ready to burn ISO into my hard drive. Not too bad for using “DA + AEC + Max Smooth.” Now you can burn the final ISO with ImgBurn.

STEP 4: Burning the ISO image with ImgBurn

Now insert a high quality blank media into burner.
NOTE: I highly recommend Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Hitachi Maxell (Made In Japan).

Click on Mode, then Write.

Use the Arrow to select your "destination".

Use the “Folder icon” to browse and locate the ISO from hard drive.

Click on the ISO image and Open.

Once the ISO has been loaded, click on the Arrow to choose your burning speed.

After choosing the burn speed, click on the “green Arrow” to write/burn.

Now relax and sit tight, ImgBurn (The Ultimate Image Burner) is burning. It should be done shortly.

Presto!! ImgBurn is completed. Click OK and just Exit out.

That’s it!! Now you have successfully made a perfect backup of your DVD. Enjoy the guide.
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